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A mystical new friend you met in a mysterious new world. You found Elfilin as he was trying to save the Waddle Dees from the Beast Pack. He seems happy to be Kirby's guide, sharing helpful advice to save the Waddle Dees and rebuild their town. Thanks, Elfilin!
— capsule Description • Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Elfilin is a character in the Kirby series, debuting as an ally in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Physical Appearance

Elfilin is a chinchilla-like creature covered in teal fur. He has gigantic, round ears that make up about twice the size of his body mass. His inner ears alternate between reddish-orange and yellow depending on the lighting and a large, rounded nick is present in the right ear. Elfilin's body is plump and round with undefined stubby nubs for limbs. He sports a small, triangular, reddish-orange nose, deep blue eyes, and rosy cheeks akin to those of Kirby's. He has a large, bushy tail that trails behind him. Elfilin is usually seen hovering, but he has been seen to ground himself sometimes, such as when he is taking a nap in Kirby's House.

General Information and History

Elfilin is the passive, compassionate half of a creature known as Fecto Elfilis, a hostile being that hails from the depths of space. Fecto Elfilis has the ability to open dimensional rifts to other dimensions and travel through them, and as such, Elfilin shares that ability as well (though he is not depicted using it for most of the game). Unlike Elfilin, however, the complete Fecto Elfilis used this ability to fulfill their own invasive ambitions.

In the distant past, Fecto Elfilis arrived in the forgotten world and attempted to invade it by wreaking destruction on the native wildlife. However, their campaign was thwarted when the researchers of the ancient civilization that once lived on the planet captured it in the Eternal Capsule. Afterwards, they began studying their spatial teleportation ability within Lab Discovera, allowing them to become highly advanced in science and create technologies that share Fecto Elfilis's ability. 30 years after research on Fecto Elfilis began, an accident occurred during an experiment with the spatial warp ability, in which the alien invader was split in two. Their completely malevolent, invasive half split off into a being known as Fecto Forgo (losing the capacity to control their teleportation abilities in the process), while their friendly, compassionate half split off into Elfilin. After the incident, Elfilin escaped from Lab Discovera and fled into the outside world, never to be recovered by the researchers. After an unstated length of time, the people of the civilization abandoned the planet with their new technology, leaving behind Fecto Forgo; many years later, Forgo was found by Leongar, who was subsequently brainwashed by the alien into forming the Beast Pack and given the primary responsibility to hunt down Elfilin in order to restore Fecto Forgo to their original form.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Elfilin serves as Kirby's companion in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, traveling with him through his adventure and giving the player tips along the way.


After Fecto Forgo's uncontrolled spatial warp ability brought the residents of Dream Land to Elfilin's dimension, Elfilin happened upon the Waddle Dees who had been deposited in his world. He soon helps the Waddle Dees build Waddle Dee Town for the first time; however, the town was soon raided and destroyed by the Beast Pack, who captured all the Waddle Dees present in order to use them as a workforce to power Fecto Forgo's efforts. Elfilin tried to find a place to hide, but was cornered and captured by the Beast pack; before they can leave with Elfilin, however, Kirby arrives, fights off the beasts, and frees Elfilin. Elfilin thanked Kirby, and then explained that he and the Waddle Dees tried to fight the Beast Pack off, but were overwhelmed, and that he felt an obligation to save them. Kirby offers to help, and the two formally introduce themselves to each other before setting off to save the Waddle Dees after Bandana Waddle Dee offers any extra help if they need it.

Elfilin and Kirby travel throughout the world, saving Waddle Dees captured by the Beast Pack and defeating Gorimondo, Tropic Woods, and Clawroline over the course of their journey. In Winter Horns, Elfilin and Kirby encounter King Dedede, who was also brainwashed by Fecto Forgo. Kirby fights and defeats the king, but as Kirby and Elfilin celebrate, King Dedede awakens and slips behind the duo before capturing Elfilin in a cage. Dedede flies off with the help of some birds from the pack as Elfilin cries for Kirby to help him, prompting Kirby to give chase.

Kirby eventually follows Dedede to Lab Discovera, where he encounters Leongar sitting on a throne in front of Fecto Forgo as well as Elfilin trapped within a capsule to the Lion's side. Leongar explains that Elfilin is the missing half of Fecto Forgo, and that he wants to fuse them back to their original self so that Fecto Elfilis may grant him and his subjects their spatial teleportation ability. Leon then attacks Kirby and loses, being launched through his throne and the glass window behind it to land next to his puppet master; Kirby subsequently frees Elfilin, but their celebrations are cut short when Fecto Forgo begins to speak through Leongar. After berating Kirby for interfering with their plans, Fecto Forgo destroys the capsule, turns into a blue slime, and consumes Leongar and numerous Beast Pack members who arrive to defend him, transforming into a freakish chimera-like monster. Kirby and Elfilin attempt to flee from Fecto Forgo by locking a security door behind them, but Forgo destroys the door and pursue the pair through Lab Discovera's hallways.

Kirby eventually defeats the monstrous creature, but Fecto Forgo then manages to capture and assimilate Elfilin after distracting him by attempting to seize Kirby, allowing them to become whole once again. After unsuccessfully attempting to grab Fecto Forgo as they fly over him, Kirby pursues the alien to the roof; there, Fecto Elfilis reforms and does battle with Kirby. Kirby eventually weakens Fecto Elfilis enough to expose Elfilin from their back, allowing Kirby to use the Dome Mouth ability to free Elfilin and make Fecto Elfilis' body become unstable. As a last resort, the dying alien opens a dimensional rift to Kirby's home planet, Planet Popstar, intending to crash it and the forgotten world into each other. Kirby inhales a big rig truck and becomes Big-Rig Mouth Kirby, and with Elfilin riding at the front, he drives through the floating debris and wreckage towards Fecto Elfilis. Fecto Elfilis tries to defeat Kirby by throwing large amounts of debris at Kirby, but he dodges them and jumps to them. Fecto Elfilis then summons a large piece of debris and tries to protect itself with it; Kirby is initially rebuffed by Elfilis, but Elfilin then uses his powers to further strengthen Kirby, allowing him to plow through the debris and disintegrate Fecto Elfilis's physical form. Elfilin and Kirby subsequently lose consciousness and fall through the dimensional rift to Planet Popstar.

Once Kirby, Elfilin, and Bandana Waddle Dee regain consciousness, they see that the dimensional rift is still open and pulling everything through it, threatening to crash the two planets into each other. Ignoring Kirby's attempt to stop him, Elfilin flies up to the rift and uses all of his power to close it as he tearfully thanks Kirby for everything. Elfilin fell unconscious from his heroic act and landed in his home dimension; he was soon found by Clawroline, who nurses him back to health. Elfilin then used his power to travel to Kirby's dimension, reuniting with Kirby and allowing the two to travel between their respective worlds at will.

Sometime later, Clawroline noticed a dimensional rift that had opened on the Observation Tower in Waddle Dee Town. Elfilin and Kirby investigate before being sucked in by the rift, being taken to Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams, a world created by Fecto Forgo's dreams when they were trapped within the Eternal Capsule. There, Fecto Forgo's soul, known as Soul Forgo, had begun creating an army of phantom beasts and plotted to use Leongar's body as their vessel, shattering his soul into 300 pieces and scattering them throughout the Isolated Isles. Elfilin and Kirby thus begin to collect the pieces before arriving at the spot where Leongar's body is kept.

Elfilin takes the collected soul pieces and gives them to Leongar, who reawakens and celebrates with the two before his mind is once more taken over by Soul Forgo. Soul Forgo, using the resulting Forgo Leon as a puppet, then attempts to fight off Kirby and Elfilin, but Leongar is defeated, knocking Soul Forgo out of his body. Soul Forgo prepares to fight off the two heroes itself, but a butterfly flutters in from outside, lands on their face, and consumes Soul Forgo, revealing itself to be Morpho Knight, who then attacks Kirby and Elfilin. Kirby defeats Morpho Knight, allowing Soul Forgo to absorb their power and flee while Elfilin and Kirby stay behind to check on Leon. After futilely attempt to awaken the King of the beasts, the two look down in sadness before Clawroline and the rest of the Beast Pack arrive with more soul pieces that they had collected. They all give the pieces to Leon, fully restoring him. Kirby, Elfilin, and the Beast Pack celebrate Leon's restoration before returning to their dimension.

Sometime later, in the Ultimate Cup Z, Elfilin and Kirby travel through another realm to face off against Fecto Forgo's phantom creations yet again. In the final battle, the two make their way back to the top of Lab Discovera, where they discover that Fecto Forgo, after having absorbed the souls of numerous Beast Pack members and the power of Morpho Knight, had been reborn as the mighty and revenge bent Chaos Elfilis. Kirby and Chaos Elfilis duke it out in a grueling final battle, ending in Kirby destroying Chaos Elfilis' body and damaging their soul to the point that it disintegrates into particles. One particle - the last bit of Fecto Forgo's life that survived the battle - willingly made its way to Elfilin, who absorbed it into himself, putting an end to Fecto Forgo and making the two halves become one.


Phew! You saved me! Thank you... But what about those other guys, the Waddle Dees? They were all captured! And taken away! We fought those beasts as hard as we could, but they kept coming back for more. Now I'm the only one left... I have to go save them! I have to!
— Elfilin • Kirby and the Forgotten Land
What? You'll help me save everyone? That's great! So...your name is Kirby? I'm Elfilin! Nice to meet you!
— Elfilin • Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Ooh! It looks like you can inhale this big object without dropping your current Copy Ability... Approach the object, then press B to give it a try!
— Elfilin • Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Related Quotes

A mystical new friend you met in a mysterious new world. You found Elfilin as he was trying to save the Waddle Dees from the Beast Pack. He seems happy to be Kirby's guide, sharing helpful advice to save the Waddle Dees and rebuild their town. Thanks, Elfilin!
— Capsule description • Kirby and the Forgotten Land


"Elfilin" may derive from the word "elfin," which means "small and delicate, typically with a mischievous charm."


  • Elfilin's right ear having a piece missing may be a reference to the practice of imprinting holes into the ears of lab rats, used by scientists as a means of identification.
  • In Lab Discovera, the beeping noises in the elevator are a morse code for "EFILLIN".[1]



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