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Within the underwater rapids is a formidable fish called the Eelongo. It races around so powerfully that it crushes anything in its path. That includes metal blocks. So follow the Eelongo to see if it breaks into any places you can't.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Eelongo is a large enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Eelongo is a giant purple eels with yellow fins. It has large eyes and sharp teeth.


Kirby Mass Attack

Eelongo appears exclusively in Stage 5 of Dedede Resort. It swims through narrow underwater passageways, instantly defeating any creature that gets in its way—including the Kirbys. This is not the enemy's intention, however; it simply chases schools of small orange fish, paying no mind to what it defeats along the way. These fish appear several seconds before Eelongo swims through, giving the player a warning to hide in a crevice and let the monster pass by. Eelongo is invincible.

A larger, metal variant called King Eelongo appears twice in game, and as his name suggests, he rules over the Eelongo. Air bubbles precede his appearance instead of the fish. This variety can be defeated by destroying all of his segments, although missing his body and hitting his exposed spine will hurt the Kirbys.


Eelongo's name is a portmanteau of the words eel and long, referencing its appearance and great length.

Its Japanese name, グオー (Guō), is the sound of a roar.


  • Eelongo skulls and ribs appear in the background of the tunnels the creature inhabits.
  • Eelongo can only be defeated by the effects of Invincible Candy. It does not have a defeated animation, so it abruptly stops swimming and flashes. Multiple explosions occur on its body, and it fades away shortly thereafter.