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Ebifryer is a shrimp-like monster that appears in the 86th episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, A Chow Challenge.

General Information

Ebifryer is one of many food monsters from Nightmare Enterprises. He appears as proof that regular ingredients are not good to mix with NME ingredients. He is certainly tough, considering he is cooked and ready to be eaten. Ebifryer is shown to be capable of breathing fire, too. He was created from a mix of Chef Nagoya's ingredients and NME's own ingredients, namely "Shrimp Nagoya." Proceeding to attack Kirby afterwards, Ebifryer began to cause chaos for everyone within the Channel DDD studio, but a ladle thrown by Tiff allowed Kirby to become Cook Kirby. Cook Kirby deflected Ebifryer's fire breaths, and even reflected one right back at the monster, burning him and destroying him.

Physical Appearance

Ebifryer is based on the Japanese dish known as Tempura (a dish of shrimp and/or vegetables deep fried in batter); this is shown by the deep-fried part that serves as Ebifryer's body with a diamond-shaped mouth, as well as the rest of his body parts being very lobster-like (which it and the shrimp are both crustaceans). His head has six lobster legs on it and a single white eye on its front

Powers and Abilities

Ebifryer only displays two abilities, he can use his large lobster-like pitcher claws for combat and can spew out strong flames from his mouth.


  • This is the only monster that N.M.E. didn't fully design. N.M.E. only created the ingredients that could, theoretically, be cooked into different monsters, depending on the other ingredients added. Ebifryer only came about as a result of Chef Nagoya's "Shrimp Nagoya."
  • Ebifryer is similar to Popon, as both monsters were introduce in a Chef Kawasaki episode, both monsters fight Cook Kirby, and both monsters get defeated by fire.
  • Ebifryer's name may be a subtle reference to Ebirah, a giant lobster monster from the Godzilla series.