Dyna Chicks are the babies of the bird Dyna Blade, making their debut in Kirby Super Star. There is more than one Dyna Chick, as three of them appear in the ending of the Kirby Super Star sub-game, Dyna Blade, where Kirby feeds them apples from Whispy Woods and teaches them to fly.

Physical Appearance

As seen in Kirby Super Star and the anime, Dyna Chicks are yellow, featherless little birds and when they start to grow up, their wings start to get larger and become white, their body starts to grow feathers and they start to wear red armor with an azure gem like their mother as shown in the Live Healthy cutscene in Kirby Super Star and its remake.

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

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Dyna Chick

Dyna Chick in the anime

Unlike in the games, there is only one Dyna Chick in the anime. It is a minor character in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. Dyna Chick first appeared in Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure, where Dedede tricked Dyna Blade into thinking that the chick had been eaten by Kirby. Later, however, it turned out that Kirby was actually taking good care of the chick, which placated Dyna Blade's anger. Dyna Chick later reappears in The Empty Nest Mess, where King Dedede and Escargoon try to kidnap the chick so that they can turn it into a monster with the Insta-Monster-Mixture, but Kirby manages to save the chick by bringing Dyna Blade to the castle to help. Another of Dyna Chick's appearences is in Tourist Trap, the tourists take pictures of it; the flashes frighten it, but then Dyna Blade soon arrives to protect her child. Dyna Chick's last appearence is in Waste Management, where Crowmon kidnaps it and holds it hostage to gain leverage against Dyna Blade. Dyna Chick is often a significant source of trouble, and Dyna Blade often goes to great lengths to protect it, finding when it wanders off on its own. Since Kirby was the first being Dyna Chick saw after it hatched, Dyna Chick is emotionally connected to him. Being flightless and clumsy when young, Dyna Chick barely resembles the bird it will mature into one hundred years later.




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