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KPR Susie artwork.png This article is about the level in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe and Super Kirby Clash. For the stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn, see Dusk Dunes. For the level in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, see Yellow Dunes.

The Dunes is a sandy desert in the Dream Kingdom that serves as the second level of both Team Kirby Clash Deluxe and Super Kirby Clash It introduces Ordeal bosses to the game, as well as the requirement of paying Gem Apples to unlock battles.

General Information

The Dunes is an arid, rocky location. Plateaus of varying sizes stand all over the small area; each has three steady streams of sand pouring off them at all times. Cacti make up the only greenery here. At night, the cacti develop bioluminescent flowers and the crescent moon can be seen in the sky.


Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

The Dunes contains eight bosses for Team Kirby to battle:

Quest Vigor Gem Apple cost Description
Gigant Edge 5 0 Here comes Gigant Edge, his blade gleaming! Dodge his downward blows!
Kracko (Ordeal) 6 6 Face the ordeal—the desert-ruling cloud with the force of a natural disaster!
Bonkers 7 10 He's here to destroy things with his hammer—and he's not monkeying around!
Tough: King Doo 10 14 He may be getting sand in his eye, but that's not going to stop him coming for you!
Tough: Blocky 13 19 The return of the blockhead! He's here to roll on the sand, squashing all in his path.
Tougher: Mr. Frosty 16 30 The cold and dazzling silver sands look like a blizzard... Watch out for his Icy Tackle!
Tougher: Kibble Blade 16 32 Two crescents gleam in the dark... One over the dunes, and one coming for you!
Tougher: Greater Doomer 17 37 A lost bird's wings spread across the dimensions and blend into the night sky...

Super Kirby Clash

Story Quests

The Dunes contains eight bosses for Team Kirby to battle in Story Quests:

Quest Vigor Recommended level Gem Apple cost Image Description
Mr. Frosty 5 2 0 SKC Mr. Frosty.png Enter the ice beast! Stamp out this nuisance before he freezes up the Dunes!
Ignite Edge (Ordeal) 6 5 1 SKC Ignite Edge Art.png A mighty soldier in flame-colored armor stands in Team Kirby's way! Blow through this ordeal!
Blocky 8 7 10 SKC Blocky.png He may look slow and heavy, but this blockhead can move fast!
Tough: Bonkers 11 11 8 SKC Bonkers Art.png This battle is in the Dunes, and Bonkers is ready to pound sand!
Tough: Greater Doomer 16 17 12 SKC Greater Doomer.png A strange shadow in the sky... It seems to have been lured here by this world's energy.
Tougher: Kibble Blade 26 30 24 SKC Kibble Blade Art.png The suit of silver armor has reappeared! Its giant sword can slice through you as easily it does the heat haze!
Toughest: Spark Bonkers 42 46 0 SKC Spark Bonkers Art.png The strongest yet, this hammer hooligan's current is overflowing! Dodge his lightning and smash him to smithereens!
Toughest: Venom Kracko (Ordeal) 44 50 46 SKC Venom Kracko.png A lightning cloud filled with poison is showering the land with toxic gases! Time your dodges and counterattack!

Party Quests

Quest Vigor Recommended level Gem Apple cost Image Description
Team First Contact
King Doo and Mr. Frosty
6 3 0 SKC Team First Contact.png These hooligans have teamed up! Their eye beam is just a warm-up... followed up by a freezing ice tackle.
Colossal Double-Team
Colossal Spear Waddle Dee and Colossal Kabu
8 6 0 SKC Colossal Double-Team.png The giant statue, Colossal Kabu, appears! Watch your head—this one attacks as a combo!
Tough: Kracko 14 15 0 SKC Kracko 2.png Be careful, Team Kirby! The cloud-spirit ruler of the skies... This one is like a living natural disaster!
Tough: Team Mighty Cleave
Kibble Blade and Gigant Edge
18 23 0 SKC Team Mighty Cleave.png "I'll cleave you from the side!" "I'll cleave you from above!" "We are Team Mighty Cleave!"
Tougher: Ice Dragon 34 40 0 SKC Ice Dragon.png Ice breath turns a chilly night in the Dunes to positively freezing! Defeat him before you're frozen solid!
Tougher: Telepathos 36 45 0 SKC Telepathos.png The flying enigma has returned to shower the team with magic from above!
Toughest: Greater Doomer 42 55 0 SKC Greater Doomer.png A strange bird creeps in from another world, mindlessly seeking energy. Watch its movements closely and drive it back!
Super: Team Kaiju Trio
Ice Dragon, Flame Galboros, and Electric Dragon
52 68 54 SKC Team Kaiju Trio.png Three mighty dragons form a Super-rank team! Their roar is enough to shake the Dunes.