I’m Driblee! I ♥ clean water!
— Driblee • Kirby Star Allies

Driblee is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Star Allies. He gives the Water ability when inhaled.

Physical Appearance

Driblee is a blue serpent or tadpole-like creature with blue eyes and pupils and a wisp. His body is covered with bubble-like spots and he wears a blue choker around his neck. His large head is roughly the same size as his body, and he has a ball-shaped growth with an attached fin at the end of his tail.


Kirby Star Allies

Driblee first appears in Kirby Star Allies. He is one of the most common enemies for the Water Copy Ability and he also serves as the friend for said ability. His only attack consists of throwing a pulse of water. Driblee is first found in Donut Dome. He can cling to ceilings in some circumstances.

Related Quotes

Driblee can’t stand the destruction of the environment and wishes for only the purest of waters for the world! With that, Driblee sets off on a journey!
— Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! description • Kirby Star Allies
A cute critter who leaves foes soggy, Driblee can share his wet abilities with friends, empowering their weapons with water powers.
— Choose your buddy • Play Nintendo



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