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Dreamscape is the final area in the Dream Kingdom in Super Kirby Clash. It is a dimension which contains elements from Another Dimension and the Fountain of Dreams.


Story Quests

Quest Vigor Recommended level Gem Apple cost Image Description
Toughest: Pres. Parallel Susie (Ordeal) 48 55 50 SKC Pres. Parallel Susie Art An invader from another world arrives with terrible strength and fury! She is apparently some kind of president...
Toughest: The Final Battle (Ordeal)
Parallel Nightmare's Revenge and Aeon Hero
50 58 52 SKC Final Battle Team An ancient hero, brought back by a caped wizard seeking revenge. Face the strongest power in the galaxy!
Super: The True Final Battle (Ordeal)
Aeon Hero (Light)
52 60 60 SKC Aeon Hero Light Art Aeon Hero returns once more! Head into the final fight for the fate of the world, Super Team Kirby!

Party Quests

Quest Vigor Recommended level Gem Apple cost Image Description
Super: Aeon Hero (Ordeal) 58 75 60 SKC Aeon Hero Art This ancient hero is the strongest in the galaxy! But fear not, Team Kirby! Show him what the power of four can do!
Super+: The True Final Battle EX (Ordeal)
Aeon Hero (Dark)
70 90 66 SKC Aeon Hero Dark Art The ancient hero, garbed in ominous black! Time to put an end to this eternal cycle, Super Team Kirby!

Related Quotes

His ambition consumed by anger, he is hatred given form, and he’s waiting for Team Kirby to enact vengeance!
— The Final Battle Quest Description • Super Kirby Clash
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