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When you grab the Dream Rod, the roulette will start. Press A to call Dream Friends!
— Dream Rod explanation • Kirby Star Allies

The Dream Rod is an item in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Star Allies.

General Information

In Story Mode, the Dream Rod can only be found in the Dream Palace; however, in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!, because there are no Dream Palaces, the Dream Rod can only be used by activating certain big switches and in Heroes in Another Dimension, it can only be found in certain rooms by clearing puzzles or before a boss. No matter where it is found, however, the Dream Rod's ability is to let a Dream Friend join the player on their journey. When the player grabs the Dream Rod, the roulette must be stopped to select a Dream Friend. The roulette starts out fast, but gradually slows down; it stops on its own after a long while, allowing adequate time for the player to wait until it has slowed down to choose their desired Dream Friend.

Obtainable Dream Friends

Related Quotes

Grab the Dream Rod to summon special friends!
— About the Dream Palace: • Kirby Star Allies