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This is a story of a faraway realm from long, long ago... A beautiful, peaceful land called the Dream Kingdom. Peace, though, can vanish in a flash... Can you defend the Dream Kingdom from a sudden onslaught of enemies? Set forth and do battle, Team Kirby!
— Introduction • Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

Dream Kingdom is the setting of the events in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. Initially a peaceful kingdom, it is then invaded by enemies. It is up to Team Kirby to get rid of the threat to the kingdom.


The Dream Kingdom is separated into six distinct regions, as well as a village that serves as the hub area:

  • The Grasslands - A grassy area with many giant trees. This region has no Ordeal boss.
  • The Dunes - An arid desert with cacti. Kracko serves as the Ordeal boss here.
  • The Ruins - A forested area with ancient stone structures. Whispy Woods serves as the Ordeal boss here.
  • The Volcano - A volcanic area with boiling lava and dead trees. Pyribbit serves as the Ordeal boss here.
  • The Empyrean - A mountainous area at a high altitude. Taranza serves as the Ordeal boss here.
  • The Decisive Battlefield - An otherworldly area surrounded by flaming land and outer space. Every boss here is an Ordeal boss, though it ends with King D-Mind.
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