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This powerful sorceress once turned Kirby into a rolling pink ball and Dream Land into a world made of paint. Her name is awfully similar to that of Claycia's, but no one knows for sure if the two are related.
— Figurine description • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Drawcia is the main antagonist of Kirby: Canvas Curse. She is a powerful sorceress born out of a mysterious painting, wanting to rule a world made of paint and art. Being the original owner of the mighty Magical Paintbrush that turned Kirby into a ball and Dream Land into a piece of artwork, she is capable of creating shadow-like entities out of paintings and fire blasts of powerful dark magic. Her capability to bring things to life with paint is similar to the abilities of Adeleine, Paint Roller and Paintra; however, Drawcia has much more creative and magical power at her disposal than any of these characters, being able to create whole worlds and even full-fledged bosses (including Paint Roller himself) to impede Kirby in his attempt to undo her spell on Dream Land. Drawcia is one of the rare bosses to have knowledge of the player, similar to Star Dream, although this time, Drawcia considers the player as the real enemy and not Kirby, evidenced by the scrolling text cutscenes mentioning the player directly and Drawcia Soul staring and screeching at the player, not Kirby, which makes it a fourth wall break.

Like many final bosses in the series, Drawcia has two forms that Kirby must confront in battle. She is fought as both Drawcia Sorceress (the form she appears in during the opening cutscene) and Drawcia Soul.

Physical Appearance[]

Drawcia sprite

Drawcia and a Para Sorceress

Drawcia is a sorceress-like witch of paint. She wears a jarring violet robe with blue and yellow markings on the bottom, with golden shoulder pads which hold up her pink ascot, and a violet hat with pink fabric at its base. She has grayish-blue hair, one visible eye (a second becomes visible while Drawcia is transforming into her soul form but is not visible in the actual battle), and a yellow mouth barely visible under her robes; this mouth moves from her abdomen to her underside when she releases balls of energy and Para Sorcresses, and conjures other enemies or spikes.

It is revealed at the end of the game that Drawcia's true form is a strange painting that came to life.


Kirby: Canvas Curse[]


Drawcia Soul about to be brought forth.

Throughout the game, Drawcia creates replicas of King Dedede, Kracko, and Paint Roller out of paintings, with the intention to hinder Kirby's progress. These paintings of them serve as bosses at the end of every level, each one being fought in a type of "Boss Sub-game."

When Kirby first confronts Drawcia at the end of The World of Drawcia, she is in her witch-like sorceress form. While in this form, she fires magical blasts, draws huge spikes that pop out from beneath the ground, jumps into the air and quickly zooms towards Kirby, and summons smaller versions of herself called Para Sorceresses. She can paint enemies to life with her paintbrush, but none of them give Kirby a Copy Ability. Drawcia is permanently protected by a mirror-like shield, which makes her resilient to rushes and taps with the stylus. To defeat her in this form, Kirby must draw a Paint Shield and reflect one of the blasts back to her, which stuns her. Kirby must then continuously ram her (up to three times) while she is paralyzed. Repeating this forces her to enter her ghastly final form, Drawcia Soul.

Drawcia's goal is ultimately left unfulfilled, as Kirby bests her at her own game by pursuing her all across the ruined land, ultimately destroying her using the Paintbrush's power and bringing peace to Dream Land once again.

Kirby Super Star Ultra[]

Drawcia appears on one of the cards in the Kirby Card Swipe sub-game.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe[]

Drawcia appears as a rare keychain and in one of Stone Kirby's transformations alongside Dark Nebula.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse[]

Drawcia appears as a Figurine after obtaining gold medals on all stages.

Kirby: Planet Robobot[]

Drawcia appears as a rare sticker inside of a painting.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe[]

Drawcia appears as a Dress-Up Mask in Merry Magoland. This mask also change the player character's voice to her voice from Kirby: Canvas Curse.


Name Music Track
”Drawcia Sorceress"

When played with the Old School music option on, Drawcia's theme changes to the Fountain of Dreams theme from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.

Related Quotes[]

Suddenly, the world's colors warp, and a strange witch arises! Drawing in the air, the witch turns the land into a painting.
— Introduction • Kirby: Canvas Curse
Drawcia rules the land. The last battle begins!
— VS. Drawcia • Kirby: Canvas Curse
Modeled on the magical paintbrush of the witch of the canvas. The rainbow it draws forms a path for heroic journeys.
— Weapon description • Team Kirby Clash Deluxe
Getup inspired by an unknown painting. The witch who wore it is said to have transformed the world itself into a work of art.
— Armor description • Team Kirby Clash Deluxe


Her name Drawcia comes from the word "Draw".

In Other Languages[]

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese ドロシア Translates to Drawcia
Korean 도로시아 Translates to Drawcia
German Malia Derived from "malen" (to paint).
French Crayona --
Italian Strega Pigmenta --
Spanish Drawcia --


  • Drawcia is the only boss to have any form of HP in Kirby: Canvas Curse.
  • Drawcia is the first female final boss in a Kirby game, with the second being Queen Sectonia from Kirby: Triple Deluxe.
  • While not sharing color themes, Drawcia and Yin-Yarn are alike in many respects. They are both magicians whose plans involve transforming Dream Land into the material of their choice (paint and yarn respectively), both have transformed Kirby into an entirely different form for the majority of the game, and they don similarly-shaped robes.
  • The battle with Drawcia is altered if playing as a character other than Kirby. Some differences are that she summons five parachute bombs instead of three and that her health bar is purple instead of red.
  • During the entire Drawcia battle, some of the warping effects used for the background are similar to the effects used during the final battle of the SNES game EarthBound, which was also created by HAL Laboratory.
    • Drawcia Soul's theme sounds somewhat like the final battle theme of EarthBound, both being erratic and metallic.
  • Drawcia was the first final boss in the series to have a "Soul" version. This was then adopted by many final bosses following.
  • One plot utilized image of Drawcia depicts herself closely resembling Dark Matter.
Vividria Concept Artwork 2

Vividria's concept art. Drawcia and Paintra are labeled as "姉様," seemingly confirming the two and Vividria to be siblings.

  • Though not appearing in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, a similar individual based on Drawcia named Paintra appears as the boss of Lollipop Land. The pause description during the fight against Paintra implies that she is Drawcia's sister, and that the two were separated at birth. This was later seemingly confirmed in concept art for Vividria, their apparent younger sister, in the Kirby Star Allies Soundtrack art booklet. In it, Drawcia and Paintra are both labeled as "姉様" (ane-sama), meaning "older sister." Claycia is brought up as well, but she is referred to with the "-san" prefix, implying no relation between her and the other three.
  • Concept artwork reveals that Drawcia went through several designs during the development of Kirby: Canvas Curse.[1]
  • In Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, the Beam Mage has armor based on Drawcia called Drawcian Garb, as well as a weapon called the Drawcian Magic Staff, based on the Magical Paintbrush.
  • Drawcia was considered for being a Dream Friend in Kirby Star Allies, but the idea was scrapped.[2]
  • Drawcia's laugh comes from the sound called Mediumhigh Pitched CRT023301 from album Cartoon Trax.
  • The first letters for Drawcia Sorceress and Drawcia Soul spells out the word "DS", which is likely referenced the fact that Kirby Canvas Curse was on Nintendo DS.


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