A legendary machine that cuts the sky!
— Dragoon's Flavor Text • Kirby: Air Ride

It can only be ridden in City Trial mode where a player must collect its three pieces from Red Boxes scattered throughout the city. To access it in Free Run, the player must get 1000 feet in High Jump, glide 1300 feet in Air Glider, AND fly through 5 of the floating rings in one City Trial match. The three pieces then merge together to create Dragoon, which replaces the Air Machine the player was riding on when he or she built Dragoon. It tops the Winged Star in flight and is one of the legendary stars along with Hydra.


Dragoon is one of the best Air Machines in the whole game. It has great stats in all areas and the best flight abilities.

Being a legendary machine, its stats exceed 100.


KAR Patch HP 100
KAR Patch Offense 90
KAR Patch Charge 90
KAR Patch Defense 80
KAR Patch Turn 80
KAR Patch TopSpeed 130
KAR Patch Boost 95
KAR Patch Weight 75
KAR Patch Glide 200

In Super Smash Bros.


The Dragoon in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

The Dragoon appears as an item in Super Smash Bros. Brawl where, like in Kirby Air Ride, characters are required to pick up all three pieces: the nose cone, the body and the tail. The pieces can be stolen from other players by attacking them, and it is fought for in a similar matter to the Smash Ball (because it is high priority among the CPUs). When the Machine is completed, the player can select a target and launch him/herself at it, although it is big enough to strike more than one opponent. Because of the amount of preparation required, it boasts tremendous firepower; if it strikes a character, it is usually a one-hit KO. The Dragoon gets a Trophy, as do all the other items. Also, in the Subspace Emmisary, Kirby uses this Air Ride Machine to plow right through the Subspace Gunship, effectively destroying it and allowing him and the rest of his companions access to Subspace.
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