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Doron is a character from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. Aside from King Dedede, he is the main troublemaker in Cappy Town, committing typical crimes such as shoplifting and stealing from the citizens. Due to his crimes, he is frequently spotted in the jail cell at the police station, but can always escape at his own will.

Based on his tendency to steal items, Doron is likely to be a kleptomaniac; this is supported by the fact that he steals a portrait from King Dedede's art gallery in Dedede's Monsterpiece and runs away with Sir Ebrum's ring in The Thing About the Ring.


Doron's name comes from the Japanese word for thief, どろぼう/泥棒 (dorobō).


  • The bag he is always seen carrying has a similar design to that of Tac.
  • Doron's lines in most of his appearances usually consist of "Uh huh" while nodding.


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