Doomers refer to the species known to be found within Another Dimension during the events of Kirby's Return to Dream Land. They are multicolored, luminescent creatures with vibrant and otherwise unstable skin. There are various types of Doomers, such as land-based Doomers, Doomers with wings, giant spike launching Doomers, Sphere Doomers, and even the Grand Doomer itself. Despite the numerous physical differences between these Doomers, they all share the characteristic of having yellow eyes.

Purple Doomer

The first Doomers that are encountered are colored purple and very small in size. They each have a pair of purple-tinted wings with 3 feathers on them. They somewhat resemble the Regular Sphere Doomers, but always have their mouths shut and lack the tail feathers and tufts of hair. They seem to have their eyes all the way open as if in fright or surprise, instead of in the usual angry arches all of the other Doomers have.

These Doomers are very weak compared to their brethren. Their only form of offense is to fly into Kirby and his friends. They do not actively seek the player out, but they may change their flight patterns after appearing in the background so they can bumble into them. The purple Doomers always fly in large groups and come in either rows or cluster formations. A single shot from Landia is enough to defeat one of them.

Red Doomer

These Doomers are a bit bigger than the purple ones and are more tempermental. They are red in color and have wings with 4 feathers on them and an orange tint. 3 tufts of hair stick out from atop their heads that curl forward. They mostly keep their mouths closed, except when they open them to attack.

The red Doomers attack by flying up to the player and spitting red orbs out at them or by trying to fly into them. Their projectiles can be eliminated by using Landia's attacks on them. They are always moving about, making it hard to predict where they will stop to attack next and sometimes lie in wait to attack Kirby and the others. It only takes a few shots to destroy them.

Green Doomer

The Doomers with green skin are very different from all of their kind. They don't posses any wings at all, and instead opt to walk around on the shimmering surfaces of the passages of Another Dimension on a pair of orange feet. They have 3 skinny stalks of hair on their heads and always have their mouths open. They are roughly about the same size as the purple Doomers and are as aggressive as the red Doomers.

Pattern-wise, the green Doomers scuttle back and forth on the solid matter drifting around in Another Dimension. When Kirby and his team draw near, they will stop for a moment and start spitting out green orbs at them. Some of them even wait up on the ceilings of the passages and attack upside-down. It only takes a few regular shots to get rid of them, but doing so means that Landia must be lowered very close to the Doomers, where they might try to run into the player.

Pink Doomer

This is the largest type of Doomer, coming close to the Grand Doomer in terms of size. Their skin is a glowing pink and they have their hair coming up in single strand that seperates into 3 and faces backwards, making it look like a mohawk. They don't have any wings, but instead have 4 large spikes coming out of their sides diagonally. 2 are at the top and the other 2 are at the bottom. The spikes are lavender with several white bands encircling them. Their mouths are always hung open to show off all their teeth.

The pink Doomers will always float in from the background and try to block the path of the heroes. They take up a lot of room because of their size, making it hard to fly around them. Once they have found a position, they will start spitting out pink orbs that are much bigger than the ones spat out by the red and green Doomers. These projectiles can just as easily be destroyed like the other ones though. The pink Doomers themselves can soak up a lot more damage before being defeated, so it is recommended to use a charged-up shot from Landia to deal with them first. However, after the Doomer explodes, it will unleash its 4 spikes out from its body as a last ditch attack. The spikes fly out in a spread-out shot which is dangerous when up close, but can be easily maneuvered around when far away enough. They can also be destroyed by a couple of shots from Landia, just like the orbs.


  • The Doomers have an interesting connection to the Master Crown, seemingly doing the bidding of whomever wears it. This is evidenced by one of the final boss' attacks of summoning a horde of Sphere Doomers to attack Kirby and his friends. This would also explain why the Doomers would try to prevent the Lor Starcutter's reassembly of its Energy Spheres and the Grand Doomer's sudden theft of the Mast during Landia's control of the crown, as they were preventing Magolor from making a return back to Halcandra.
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