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Hmm, the scene needs more excitement. I need more energy, King!
— Dis Waltney • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Dis Waltney is a famous animator well-renowned throughout Planet Popstar. The first time Dis Waltney appeared was when he was actually the monster Anige in disguise. Tiff is very fond of Dis Waltney, who inspires her to draw and paint pictures. He is only seen in the anime episode Tooned Out.

Physical Appearance

Dis Waltney is a wise old man and a world-famous animator. He has brown hair, a brown moustache, a large nose, and brown eyebrows. He wears a red beret, a brown coat and a yellow shirt with an orange necktie underneath his coat. Interestingly, he is also of the same species as Tiff and Tuff.


  • Dis Waltney is based on the famous real-life animator and founder of the Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney, who was also famous for creating his mascot, Mickey Mouse. Dis Waltney's Japanese name greatly increases the similarity.
    • Additionally, Waltney bears a striking resemblance to the late Osamu Tezuka, a famed Japanese cartoonist who pioneered modern manga and is often seen as the Japanese equivalent of Walt Disney (who served as an inspiration for Tezuka).


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