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Dimension II is the second stage in Heroes in Another Dimension. It makes use of the Dream Friends added in the Wave 1 update to Kirby Star Allies.


In the first room, Kirby comes across platforms that serve as elevators, falling once he walks on them. After riding down four of them, Kirby comes across the first Friend Heart of Dimension II. Collecting it is mandatory in order to progress. After collecting it, the wall to the right will rise, revealing a Hero Door that transforms Kirby into Staff.

In the second room, the first puzzle reveals itself with a Bomb Block. It can be destroyed using Staff's long range. Continuing onward reveals a body of water containing a switch, as well as two Gordos; the switch is between the Gordos and the water has a strong current in it that pushes players to the left. Staff should use Pole Vault in order to hit the switch without falling into the water. Pressing the switch will open the Shutter and allow access to the second Friend Heart.

Waddle Doos appear a bit later in the room, and recruiting one allows Staff to use the Zap Staff Friend Ability. Staff will reach yet another body of water, also with a leftward current, a Gordo, and a ceiling above its surface with spikes; a Bomb Block is present in a small alcove just after the Gordo. Using Pole Vault as Zap Staff, Kirby can electrify the surface of the water and activate the Bomb Block, allowing access to the third Friend Heart.

The second Zap Staff puzzle is similar to the first puzzle. Zap Staff should use the Pole Vault technique to press switches in the water without falling into the water, while also electrifying the water, causing a wall in the way to be destroyed. Upon reaching the end, the Unrelenting Staff technique should be used in order to hit the last Bomb Block, granting access to the fourth Friend Heart and a Picture Piece.

Soon after is another Bomb Block. Continuing allows the player to see the fifth Friend Heart, which requires using Zap Staff to electrify the water to hit a Bomb Block, as there are currents and Gordos preventing from approaching it normally. Destroying the Bomb Block will cause the Friend Heart to drop into the water, which Kirby will have to quickly swim to in order to prevent it from falling into the abyss, while also dodging or defeating enemies; the only way to retry this puzzle is to sacrifice a life.

A near identical puzzle follows, requiring electrifying the water to cause a Friend Heart to drop; however, Kirby will have to be more hasty, as not one, but three Friend Hearts have fallen into the water, each just a bit later than the last. Collecting them all makes for the sixth, seventh, and eighth Friend Hearts.

After surfacing from the water, there is a switch. Pressing the switch causes the wall to the right to rise, revealing murals for Rick, Kine, and Coo. The Hero Door that follows transforms Staff into Rick & Kine & Coo. In the third room, Rick is immediately dropped into water, transforming him into Kine. Use Ice Kine to destroy the flaming logs underwater while being careful of the current and spikes. Blocked by a group of six flaming logs is a Bomb Block. Destroying the Bomb Block grants causes some blocks above to be destroyed; a Red Key is also present. Another Bomb Block is present between two pairs of flaming logs, which causes more blocks above to be destroyed, allowing the player to access the Red Key. At the end of the underwater segment are a 3x3 group of flaming logs, however, Kine should avoid this temporarily and continue going to the right; there is a lone flaming log in the bottom right corner of the underwater segment, and destroying it reveals the ninth Friend Heart. Surfacing before destroying the block makes the Friend Heart unobtainable unless the player resets the room by using a life.

Upon surfacing and transforming back into Rick, the player should head to the left in order to retrieve that aforementioned Red Key. Using Fire Rick to melt the Ice Blocks to make a path; some Gordos are also frozen in the Ice Blocks, so it is advised to not free them. After melting two walls of Ice Blocks, Rick can pick up the Red Key and double back. Bringing the key to the Lock Shutter grants access to the tenth Friend Heart and a Treasure Chest with a Blue Key in it; this puzzle is not doable if the player does not destroy the aforementioned Bomb Blocks, and the following puzzle is not doable if this puzzle is not completed.

After obtaining the Blue Key (assuming the player completed the last puzzle), a pit will present itself; there are platforms above, but they cannot be reached while holding the key. Rick can drop the key on the ground and transform into Coo to fly up to the above platforms; doing so reveals they are suspended by ropes, and can thus be cut using the Cutter Coo technique. After cutting down both of the platforms, Coo can land, transforming back into Rick, and retrieve the key. After traveling the now fallen platforms, another problem will present itself: the Lock Shutter is fairly high up, and not on ground level; a NESP floats near the door, sending out PK Shifts in the direction of the player. Rick needs to use his Stomp ability to jump on NESP's attack, then jump on NESP himself in order to reach the Lock Shutter. Once the Lock Shutter is open, Rick should quickly transform into Coo to prevent from falling into the spikes below. Successfully doing this puzzle grants access to the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth Friend Hearts.

A switch is present that causes the rightward wall to rise, revealing Marx's mural, with his Hero Door following. In the fourth room, Marx is contained by Detonation Blocks, but destroying the nearby Bomb Block will allow him to progress. Destroying the Bomb Block also causes a bit of terrain, that resembles stairs, on the right to fall. A Chilly is on the terrain, and recruiting him allows Marx to use the Blizzard Marx Friend Ability. Continuing to the second floor will reveal a similar situation, with a Bomb Block to the left, which causes terrain on the left side to fall. Marx should use a projectile to destroy the Bomb Block to avoid getting crushed. On the terrain is a Driblee, and recruiting him allows Marx to use the Splash Marx Friend Ability. On the third floor is another Bomb Block, at the right of the room, which causes three Rockys to fall; recruiting one allows for the Ice or Splash Curling Friend Abilities to be used. On the fourth floor, a Bomb Block is located to the left and the fourteenth Friend Heart is located to the right; destroying the Bomb Block causes terrain on both the left and right sides to fall, so the Friend Heart should be collected first in order to prevent it from being unobtainable.

On the fifth floor, a similar situation presents itself: the fifteenth Friend Heart is to the right, but so is the Bomb Block, and the terrain that will fall. Marx should collect the Friend Heart first, then use a projectile in order to destroy the Bomb Block while avoiding being crushed.

On the sixth floor, the Bomb Block is located to the left. Once destroyed, the Detonation Blocks will start to disappear; there's a 2x2 of Detonation Blocks near the Bomb Block that, once destroyed, reveals the sixteenth Friend Heart; this should be quickly collected before the terrain falls.

In the fifth room, Marx has to face a gauntlet of enemies; unlike the situation with Meta Knight in Dimension I, Marx should be careful in positioning himself in relation to the body of water below, which has a rightward current. The first wave of enemies is a Coner, Blipper, and a Squishy. Once they are defeated, the second wave will appear, but more importantly, the seventeenth Friend Heart will appear in the water in the right area. Marx should quickly fall into the middle (as he cannot fall through the platform on the right), where two Squishies and a Mamanti have been spawned, swim to the right, and collect the Friend Heart; it is preferable that some of the enemies still be alive after obtaining this Friend Heart.

After defeating the second wave of enemies, a black Bugzzy will spawn in, but more importantly, so will the eighteenth Friend Heart, which appears on the left side along with two Red Point Stars. Soon after, the nineteenth Friend Heart spawns on the right side, along with two Picture Pieces. Marx should avoid Bugzzy and fall through the left platform and swim down to collect the eighteenth Friend Heart, then use the current to quickly swim to the right and obtain the nineteenth Friend Heart.

After defeating Bugzzy, the Shutter to the right opens, revealing a switch which allows the player to progress to the next Hero Door; this transforms Marx into Gooey. In the sixth room is a Stake; pounding it using Stone Gooey causes terrain on the right to rise, along with two Green Point Stars and a Yellow Point Star appearing on a ladder. Climbing up the ladder to the second floor leads to some burning logs, which can be extinguished with Gooey's lick attacks and Parasol Gooey. Destroying the flaming logs allows access to another Stake, which also causes the terrain to the right to rise. It also spawns a Green Point Star, Yellow Point Star, and the twentieth Friend Heart on another ladder.

On the third floor, there are six Ice Blocks to the right, one of which contains a Gordo. Using Burning Gooey to melt through the Ice Blocks allows access to yet another Stake, which causes the rightward terrain to rise. A Red Point Star, a Yellow Point Star, and the twenty-first Friend Heart appear on the next ladder.

On the fourth floor, to the left is a switch, but there is also a strong wind current pushing the player to the right. Gooey should transform into his Mock Matter form and shoot a Dark Laser to hit the switch. Hitting the switch will cause the wind current to stop, allowing Gooey to approach, where an Ice Stake is present. Gooey can use Burning Gooey to melt the ice, and can then use Stone Gooey to pound it like normal. This causes the right terrain to rise yet again, with a Green Point Star, Yellow Point Star, and a Picture Piece to appear on the next ladder. Partway up the ladder, where the rising terrain has finally stopped, there is a NESP, with some Durable Blocks behind him; recruiting NESP allows Gooey to use the Friend Throw Friend Ability (although this could be done already if Friends are present). Use Friend Throw to destroy the Durable Blocks, which will grant access to the twenty-second and twenty-third Friend Hearts, along with three Picture Pieces.

Upon reaching the Hero Door that transforms Gooey into Ice, Gooey can float over it to destroy a barrel containing sushi, as well as collect a Red Point Star. In the seventh room, there are flaming logs that can be extinguished. After that is a Friend Platform for Friend Train. However, before getting on the platform, float under the terrain the Friend Platform is on, where the twenty-fourth Friend Heart is located.

Get on the Friend Platform to create the Friend Train. The Friend Train will destroy some terrain to the right and enter the next room. In the eighth room, the Friend Train will continuously go in a loop upon entering a part of the terrain; upon hitting a switch, this piece of terrain will start moving to the right. The Friend Train will have to fall through the bottom platform to grab some collectibles or hit some switches, but will have to jump back in to prevent falling in a pit. Upon performing two loops, the Friend Train should fall through the platform to obtain two Green Point Stars and the twenty-fifth Friend Heart.

After performing another loop, fall through the platform to obtain a 1UP and the twenty-sixth Friend Heart.

After performing another loop, jump after reaching about halfway across the platform at the bottom in order to obtain two Yellow Point Stars and the twenty-seventh Friend Heart.

Upon finishing the loop, fall down to hit a switch. Perform a loop and hit another switch. After this, the player can loop around three more times for a 1UP, six Yellow Point Stars, four Red Point Stars, and two Green Point Stars. If both switches are pressed, Shutters will be open and the Friend Train will be able to continue for longer, passing by a Treasure Chest and destroying terrain to reveal a second Treasure Chest. The second Treasure Chest contains the twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth Friend Hearts, as well as the first Dream Rod of Dimension II.

The remaining Treasure Chest contains the second Dream Rod and the thirtieth and final Friend Heart of Dimension II.

In the ninth room is the third Dream Rod; Copy Essences for Whip, Bomb, Ice, Beam, Parasol, and Suplex; two fried eggs; two sushis; and an onigiri. In the tenth room is Parallel Twin Kracko, the boss of this dimension. Upon being defeated, he will transform into Parallel Big Kracko.

Copy Abilities

Due to how the Heroes in Another Dimension sub-game works, Player 1 will either be required to use a Copy Ability that cannot be dropped, or will be a Dream Friend, which don't use Copy Abilities. The only time Kirby can freely choose an ability is in the room before the boss fight. Copy Abilities in bold are usable by Kirby (without turning a Helper into an Ability Item); all Copy Abilities below are usable by Helpers.

KSA Beam Ability Icon.png
KSA Beetle Ability Icon.png
KSA Bomb Ability Icon.png
KSA ESP Ability Icon.png
KSA Ice Ability Icon.png
KSA Parasol Ability Icon.png
KSA Staff Icon2.png
KSA Stone Ability Icon.png
KSA Suplex.png
KSA Water Ability Icon.png
KSA Whip Ability Icon.png
KSA Yo-Yo Ability Icon.png
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