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In this challenging mode, you'll be hounded by Devils as you make your way to the goal.
Try to finish with as many Life Pieces as you can—collect a lot and you'll unlock rewards!
— Devilish Mode • Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

Devilish Mode is a mode in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. It allows the player to play the stage of choice with a more difficult experience, allowing Kirby to take only five hits of damage and having him be harassed almost all the time by a Devil enemy. Unlike Extra Mode, which is usually a separate mode on the main menu, Devilish Mode is selected right before entering a stage.

General Information

Before entering a stage, the player has the option to pick Normal Mode or Devilish Mode. Upon picking Devilish Mode, the stage will start up as normal, but after a short period of time (or upon reaching a certain checkpoint), a Devil will rip through the fabric and appear; this is noted by a change in the music playing, becoming a short, alarming tune. Depending on the stage, one of three Devils will appear, and each of them have different tactics. The Me-Devil flies near the top of the screen and moves back and forth; after a period of time, he grabs a button, then puts spikes on it before dropping it straight down. The Ye-Devil has a drill on his head and flies near the right or left sides of the screen, moving up and down; after aligning himself with Kirby's position, he will start oscillating before a shine appears on his drill, after which he will dash forward at high speed. The We-Devil floats around, pointing its tail at Kirby's position; after the tail aligns with Kirby's position, the We-Devil will flap its wings and then shoot a flashy arrow from its tail.

Aside from the Devils, Kirby also has a limited amount of health, having five Life Pieces. Taking damage from any source results in the loss of a Life Piece; some forms of damage can result in Kirby losing multiple pieces. However, Prince Fluff appears roughly halfway through each stage, and holds a Life Bead over his head; grabbing this Life Bead grants Kirby 100 Beads and restores any lost Life Pieces. After Kirby reaches the end of the stage and rings the Bonus Wheel Bell, any Life Pieces he has will be recorded for the stage and added to the Collected Life Pieces chart, where the player obtains a piece of furniture for obtaining five Life Pieces collected; this only counts towards Kirby's best record for Life Pieces, meaning the player needs to beat each stage with 5 Life Pieces to get all of the furniture. If Kirby loses all of his Life Pieces in a stage, he will have to restart the stage from the beginning.


Level Stage Devil
Quilty Square Patch Castle Me-Devil
Grass Land Fountain Gardens Me-Devil
Flower Fields Me-Devil
Rainbow Falls Ye-Devil
Big-Bean Vine Ye-Devil
Fangora Me-Devil
Mole Hole Me-Devil
Weird Woods We-Devil
Hot Land Pyramid Sands We-Devil
Lava Landing We-Devil
Cool Cave Me-Devil
Dino Jungle Ye-Devil
Hot Wings Ye-Devil
Temper Temple Ye-Devil
Dusk Dunes Me-Devil
Treat Land Toy Tracks Ye-Devil
Mushroom Run We-Devil
Sweets Park Ye-Devil
Melody Town Ye-Devil
Squashini Me-Devil
Cocoa Station Me-Devil
Dark Manor We-Devil
Water Land Splash Beach We-Devil
Blub-Blub Ocean Ye-Devil
Secret Island Me-Devil
Deep-Dive Deep Ye-Devil
Capamari Ye-Devil
Boom Boatyard We-Devil
Fossil Reef We-Devil
Snow Land Snowy Fields We-Devil
Cozy Cabin Ye-Devil
Mt. Slide Ye-Devil
Frosty Wheel Me-Devil
King Dedede Me-Devil
Frigid Fjords Me-Devil
Evergreen Lift Ye-Devil
Space Land Future City Ye-Devil
Tube Town We-Devil
Mysterious UFO Ye-Devil
Stellar Way Me-Devil
Meta Knight We-Devil
Moon Base Me-Devil
Outer Rings Ye-Devil
Dream Land Whispy's Forest Me-Devil
Tempest Towers Ye-Devil
Cloud Palace We-Devil
Castle Dedede We-Devil
Yin-Yarn Me-Devil (Fangora), Ye-Devil (Capamari), We-Devil (Yin-Yarn)
Meta Melon Isle Me-Devil (Off-Roader and Train), Ye-Devil (Fire Engine and Spin Boarder), We-Devil (Dolphin)
Battleship Halberd We-Devil