A powerful devil with big wings. Watch out for the balls he drops from above.
— Cast Description (Me-Devil) • Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

Devil is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn.

Physical Appearance

Devils are purple yarn demons with a pair of wings, small feet, a frowning mouth, and one button eye, looking very similar to Battins. Three variants exist. The Me-Devil[1] has a circular body with large, batlike red wings; a furrowed brow; and an X-shaped pupil. The Ye-Devil[2] has a diamond-shaped body with large, sharp red wings; a silver drill hat; and an =-shaped pupil. The We-Devil has a triangular body with small, batlike blue wings; a massive bow; eyelashes; a tail with a heart on the end; and a +-shaped pupil.


Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

Devil appears exclusively in Devilish Mode. It appears out of an ominous seam or swoops in from off-screen, accompanied by its unique theme. It floats around Kirby and generally cannot be touched, as it moves just out of reach if the hero tries to bump into it. If by chance he does touch the enemy, it may grab him, at which point the player must mash the +Control Pad (or rotate the Circle Pad) to break free and avoid damage.

Devil cannot be grabbed with a Yarn Whip. It is hydrophobic; if it touches water, it panics and exits the pool. Devil grins if it successfully hurts the hero, and drags him away if it KOs him. If Kirby damages the creature with a Yarn Ball, his Weight form, or some other attack, it drops beads and retreats for a period of time; it first drops a Star Bead and releases progressively fewer beads as it takes more damage. The foe interferes during boss battles but not during Metamortex transformation sequences, unless those sequences take up the majority of the stage.

Each Devil type is different and uses a different means of attack:

  • The Me-Devil carries a black ball while hovering over Kirby. After lining up his shot, he covers the ball in spikes and drops it straight down. Unlike the other Devils, he cackles mischievously when he hurts Kirby.
  • The Ye-Devil flies behind Kirby with his drill helmet facing forward. After preparation, he darts right across the stage horizontally. He then turns around and, after preparation, darts left across the stage. Unlike the other Devils, he can block Yarn Balls by taking advantage of his metal cap.
  • The We-Devil flies diagonally above Kirby, keeping her tail trained on the hero. After lining up her shot, she fires a sparkly arrow from her tail diagonally downward.

Related Quotes

A delinquent devil with a pointy head. He takes aim and charges right at you.
— Cast Description (Ye-Devil) • Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
A cute devil with a looong tail. She locks onto you like a puppy with a chew toy.
— Cast Description (We-Devil) • Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn


  • Me-Devil's cackle seems to be a reused audio clip of a Fake Door's laugh in the Nintendo GameCube game Luigi's Mansion, but with no echo effect.[3]




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