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Denjaa (translated as Danger), also known as Dangerous Bomb, is a Monster that appears in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! in the episode Kirby Takes the Cake.

General Information

Denjaa was sent by Nightmare Enterprises to cause mischief on Kirby's one-year anniversary. Denjaa has the ability to pop bombs out of his top, and can carry two bombs at a time. His special ability is tossing bombs, and he can even pop out huge bombs and toss them with both hands. Despite being one of NME's most powerful monsters, however, he is easily confused, and therefore has a hard time telling friend from foe (he even mistakenly attacked King Dedede once). Denjaa first came hidden inside a huge cake bought by King Dedede. Dedede expected a lady instead of Denjaa. After Kirby took a bite of the cake, Denjaa busted out of the cake, taking everyone by surprise, and started tossing bombs everywhere. Kirby inhaled in one of the bombs and became Bomb Kirby for the first time ever, and Bomb Kirby easily overpowered Denjaa, eventually bouncing a huge bomb thrown at him right back at the monster. The big bomb exploded and took out the monster with it, leaving behind only his armor.

Physical Appearance

Denjaa is a small, purple eggplant-like monster with a top that looks like that of a bag. He has green shoes, yellowish white gloves, and green pupils, and wears gold armor with lighter-colored gold spikes on them; namely, in the form of spiked wristbands and a pair of belts around his body with a red orb in the middle, and he seemingly wears transparent yellow sunglasses over his eyes.


  • Denjaa may be a corruption of the words danger and ninja.
  • Denjaa wasn't actually supposed to be in the cake, meaning that NME Salesman put Denjaa in the cake to destroy Kirby.
  • Based solely on appearance, Denjaa appears to be original, but looking at his style of attack, one can tell he is loosely based on the Jungle Bomb enemies in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra.
  • Denjaa is one of the few monsters in the original that can talk, but all he can say is "Danger!" and "Dangerous!"


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