(It seems to be more of prey to Heavy Anaconda rather than an enemy.)
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|latest_appearance = ''Kirby: Right Back at Ya!''
|latest_appearance = ''Kirby: Right Back at Ya!''
(Frog Wild)|jap_voice = [[wikipedia:Yuko Mizutani|Yuko Mizutani]]}}
(Frog Wild)|jap_voice = [[wikipedia:Yuko Mizutani|Yuko Mizutani]]}}
'''Demon Frog''' ('''Devil Frog''' in Japan) is a petite yet powerful [[monster]] that appears in ''[[Kirby: Right Back at Ya!]] in ''the episode [[Frog Wild]]. It is also the natural enemy of the [[Heavy Anaconda]].
'''Demon Frog''' ('''Devil Frog''' in Japan) is a petite yet powerful [[monster]] that appears in ''[[Kirby: Right Back at Ya!]] in ''the episode [[Frog Wild]].
== General Information ==
== General Information ==

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Demon Frog (Devil Frog in Japan) is a petite yet powerful monster that appears in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! in the episode Frog Wild.

General Information

For a creature so small, the Demon Frog is able to cause mass panic and hysteria in short amounts of time due to his ability to possess people and make them do evil things. The frog was purchased by King Dedede from Nightmare Enterprises. Upon arriving at the castle, the frog immediately attacked the king and Escargoon, who didn't know about its abilities. The frog is later found by Kirby floating on a lily pad in a pond by his house. Soon after encountering him, the Demon Frog possesses Kirby and causes problems all over Cappy Town. After the possessed Kirby enters the castle, he starts fighting with Dedede. Tiff was able to shout to Kirby to stop attacking Dedede, forcing the Demon Frog out of Kirby. Dedede eventually steals the frog and uses it to get himself possessed, much to Escargoon's shock. The now powered-up Demon Dedede begins to pummel Kirby. That is soon interrupted when a monster Dedede ordered a while back, Heavy Anaconda, comes out from hiding. It eats the Demon Frog, freeing Dedede from the frog's possession, while swallowing him at the same time.

Physical Appearance

Demon Frog is a small round green frog with a yellow underbelly and small purple bat-like wings. It has large orange eyes and purple markings all around its body. Whenever the frog possesses people, the victim gains glowing red eyes, menacing facial expressions, and sometimes even a change in body type.

When Kirby gets possessed by the Demon frog, he greatly resembles his normal self, but he has bat wings on his back (Only be seen while he's spinning with Waddle Doo) and his eyes get longer and sunken in. The eyes also begin to glow dark red. He is also commonly sneering while possessed too, making evil laughs.

Dedede certainly changes much more than Kirby does when he's possessed by the Demon Frog. His muscles grow to epic proportions and his lower body gets leaner. His robes rip due to the dramatic size increase and he now has small bat wing-shaped markings on his chest. Like Kirby, Dedede's eyes begin glow red when possessed, but unlike Kirby he also grows small fangs.

Ablilities and powers

The Demon Frog can possess its victim, turning the victim into a evil version of themselves, gaining red eyes and the demon symbol. The Demon Frog can force his host to do evil things, for example, the possessed Kirby went on a rampage and destroyed some of Cappy Town.




  • King Dedede, when he transforms in Kirby Star Allies, greatly resembles his transformation in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! when he was possessed by the Demon Frog.
    • Kirby’s possessed design is also seen in Kirby Star Allies, when choosing The Ultimate Choice's hardest difficulty, Soul Melter.
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