You can play the demo version a limited number of times in one day.
— Announcement • Kirby Battle Royale Demo

Demo Tickets are a form of virtual currency used exclusively in the demo version of Kirby Battle Royale.

Physical Appearance

A Demo Ticket is an orange ticket with a yellow star image printed on it. The tickets are shown to have a reflective sheen.


Kirby Battle Royale

Demo Tickets are required for the player to play the three game modes available in the demo, excluding the Apple Scramble match against a Soldier Waddle Dee in the introduction to Story Mode. Each day, the player is given five tickets for Single Player matches and seven tickets for Multiplayer ones, so he/she can only play 12 battles daily.

When the player spends a Demo Ticket, an animation plays where the ticket's stub is torn off. When all tickets from one category are used up, the image turns gray and the time remaining in the 24-hour period is displayed--when this timer expires, the tickets are replenished. Changing the time on the Nintendo 3DS's internal clock does not affect the ticket replenish rate.

Related Quotes

This will use 1 Demo Ticket. Do you want to continue?
— Use Demo Ticket? • Kirby Battle Royale Demo
You have no more Demo Tickets for this today.
— Out of Tickets • Kirby Battle Royale Demo

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