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The Dedede Doll is an item from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, sent by Nightmare Enterprises in the episode Don't Bank on It. King Dedede delivered one to every house in Cappy Town. At midnight, he shouts out "Dedede! You like me! Dedede! You trust me!" The message is repeated loud and clear from the doll, making it hard for everybody to sleep.

The next day, all the people are saying that they like King Dedede. The next night, the same message is repeated, but the king adds "listen to me! Do what I say! Get all your spare change and put it in the doll". Everyone is shown getting up and (in a sleepwalking-like trance) putting any money they know of in their house into the doll's mouth (which is shaped like a coin slot).

The next day, Dedede has everyone put their money which mysteriously appeared (No one yet knows they themselves were the ones to fill the doll with money) into a new bank, which Dedede ordered off Nightmare Enterprises. The King speaks through the doll many times before he realizes that everything that is happening to the doll is happening to him. He figured this out when Escargoon punched the doll in anger, and demanded that Escargoon stop punching him. Eventually, Dedede finds out that the bank he ordered was actually a teleportation device that teleported all the money in the bank to Nightmare Enterprises in order to pay off the debt. Dedede wants to return all the dolls to Nightmare.

In the end, Kirby sucks up a doll, at which point Tokkori tells him to turn into "Doll Kirby." Kirby actually jumps up, as if to begin the transformation sequence, but then falls back down (because there's no such thing as Doll Kirby). Tokkori then says "Figures. Guess you don't have enough brains to be a doll." It then shows Dedede spinning out of control in a strange place, which is Kirby's stomach. This is because when Kirby swallowed the doll, the same thing happened to Dedede. Behind Dedede is the Dedede Doll surrounded by a light bubble.


  • When Kirby sucks up the Dedede Doll, King Dedede got placed in Kirby's stomach. It is unknown how King Dedede got out after the episode ended (Kirby possibly spits out the doll, as with every inedible thing that doesn't give him an ability)
  • Dedede Doll wielded a hammer similar to The King's and yet when Kirby ate the doll, he didn't turn into Hammer Kirby. It was probably because the hammer was a fake, just like the doll.
  • The psychic bond is foreshadowed when Chief Bookem pokes his doll in the head, giving Dedede a headache later.
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