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The Dedede Academy (also known as eNeMeE Academy according to Nightmare Enterprises) is a school supplied to King Dedede by NME for the purpose of teaching the Cappy children a lesson. It appears in three education-themed episodes of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!- eNeMeE Elementary, The School Scam and Teacher's Threat.

During every episode that Dedede Academy appears in, a monster is always there to occupy the school. Basically, the academy's purpose is to teach the Cappy children their lessons. Like any school, it also has rules (with the #1 rule of respecting its owner, builder, and formerly principal, Dedede himself), though the rules are not like any normal school. The school was built and rebuilt on at least three different occasions throughout the series, but naturally, in the end, it was blown up every time by Kirby whenever he destroyed the monster occupying the school.

There are three reasons why it was built; in eNeMeE Elementary, teachers were hired by Dedede and always wore a magic hat on their heads (which was actually Teacher Creature in disguise). The hat turned them evil and they would be mean to their students, giving them overly-complicated problems to solve, punishing anyone who wouldn't follow the rules and giving out lots of homework that no one would be able to finish by the end of the day. In The School Scam, Tiff was hired to attempt to tame Dirk, Kirk, and Smirk through her teaching, which she eventually failed to do, as did all the other teachers hired by Dedede. The three bullies had fun causing trouble at the school until they were humiliated and insulted by Tiff in front of the whole classroom by her beating them up (As they had literally asked for it, and Tiff ended up regretting the decision afterwards). Thankfully, the third and last reason the school was built was a good reason; in Teacher's Threat, this time, the academy was occupied by Mr. Chip (who, unbeknownst to everyone, was in contract with Nightmare). Mr. Chip was so nice and helpful that everyone, especially Tiff, was very fond of him, and he would rather help those who didn't follow the rules with encouragement than punish them. Since he could not do anything to hurt his students, Dedede set Nekketsu on the whole school and he caused trouble for everyone, especially Mr. Chip, until Kirby destroyed the monster and took out the academy with him.

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