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Aww, ain't my scarfy-poos sweet, Escargoony-goon?
— Dedede • Dedede's Pet Threat

Dedede's Pet Threat is the 56th episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It is notable for the first appearance of Hammer Kirby as well as the appearance of Scarfies.


Even kings would do good to have a cute, cuddly pet with them. So when Nightmare Enterprises sends King Dedede four high-class pets called Scarfies, he's delighted with his new friends. Escargoon isn't fond of the new Scarfies, but the king has never been happier. He takes the new pets with him wherever he goes and lets them have whatever food or toys they want; the Scarfies may be happy, but if Dedede keeps this up, he's going to spoil them rotten.

Episode summary

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The episode starts off with King Dedede and Escargoon sitting in the throne room. They receive a mountain of white boxes from Nightmare Enterprises. Shortly after, a cage containing four creatures is sent to the king. King Dedede and Escargoon are amazed and slowly walk to the cage. The four creatures stare at Dedede making sounds. Dedede asks what they are and takes them out of the cage. The creatures jump out of the cage and cuddle with Dedede, making him happy. The N.M.E. Sales Guy chuckles and says that they’re cute. He says that they're the best pets you can get; the creatures are called Scarfies. Escargoon is a bit suspicious and says that they look like trouble to him. He puts his finger out to touch one of them, but the Scarfy tries to bite him. Escargoon quickly pulls back his finger as the king explains that there is nothing troubling about these sweet little Scarfies here. The N.M.E. Sales Guy says that every pet has certain nutritional needs, so they are providing them chow with no additional charge. Escargoon holds up the receipt and says that "that's the least you can do with these prices." The Scarfies become angered and jump at Escargoon, causing him to run. The N.M.E. Sales Guy tells Dedede that Scarfies are very loyal to their masters. Dedede chuckles and says that "If they like ol' Dedede, then that’s good enough for me." The N.M.E. Sales Guy tells Dedede to have fun with his new buddies and then logs off. Dedede cuddles with his new Scarfies and says that they are almost as cute as him as he chuckles.

Dedede sits in his throne room petting his Scarfies. He says that they're sweet little things. King Dedede asks them if they want to be petted too. The Scarfies surround Dedede making cute little sounds. Dedede asks what they want and realizes that they are hungry and want some “foody woody”. Escargoon asks Dedede how many boxes of food does Dedede want for them. Dedede says that he isn't going to feed that slop to his Scarfies. He then announces that it is lunchtime. Waddle Doo and several Waddle Dees bring in a giant cake decorated with watermelons and strawberries. The Scarfies rejoice and jump on the cake, toppling it over and getting the Waddle Dees and Waddle Doo stuck in the cake. The Scarfies voraciously devour the cake. Escargoon says that those mini moochers could use some table manners. Dedede tells his Scarfies that they are all full up and to "come to daddy"! Dedede asks Escargoon if his little "Scarfy-poos" are sweet. Escargoon says that he supposes they are kinda sweet...the kind of sweet that makes someone barfs. Dedede continues to cuddle with his Scarfies.

Dedede watches his Scarfy eat.

Later that day, Dedede and Escargoon take their Scarfies for a walk through Cappy Town. Dedede tells the Cappies to clear the road because he and his Scarfies are taking a nice walk. Tuff asks what does things are and Tiff says that she doesn't know. Dedede walks and stops in front of Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby. Dedede tells his pets that those "funny critters" are called Cappies. Chief Bookem asks the king what he has there. Tiff says that they’re creepy and Kirby approaches the Scarfies. Dedede pulls them back and tells Kirby to hold it or he'll be arrested if he doesn't stay away from the Scarfies. Tiff, Bookem, and Tuff gasp confused. Tiff asks if those things are monsters. Dedede scolds Tiff and tells her how dare he calls his "little babies" monsters. Escargoon tells her that these are the rarest and most exotic pets on the planet. Suddenly, Mayor Len Blustergas drives by in his car. One of the Scarfies jumps in front of the car and gets hit by it. Len quickly hits the brakes and the Scarfy falls to the ground. Dedede is shocked that the mayor hurt his Scarfy. The mayor tells him that the Scarfy bounced and hit his car, but Dedede is oblivious to the plea and tells his guards to lock him up. The mayor asks on what charge is he being convicted of. Dedede says for speeding, dangerizing his Scarfies, and causing him emotional distress. The mayor is horrified, but Bookem picks up the Scarfy and says that he is going to be A-OK. Tuff offers the Scarfy a piece of candy, but Dedede asks what the heck Tuff is doing because his pets "don't eat no junk food". Dedede snatches the Scarfy from Bookem's grasp and tells it that he'll get them some real grub.

At Kawasaki 's restaurant, Escargoon tells the chef that the Scarfies can really pack it away, so to get everything on the menu. Kawasaki tells the king that they'll have to eat outside. Dedede slowly turns his head towards the chef. Kawasaki fearfully tells the king that he doesn't allow pets. Dedede retaliates by saying that these things are not pets, but his friends and for "Kawasloppy" to go to the kitchen and whip up some grub. Sometime later, the voracious Scarfies devour the food. Kawasaki then claims he should be grateful because anyone who likes his food this much is okay with him. The Scarfies continue to eat and seemingly grow as they do so. Dedede admires his Scarfies and tells Escargoon to look at the greedy gobblers go. Dedede moves to his left and knocks down a huge stack of plates, telling the Scarfies that they like that. Tuff says that the Scarfies must be starving if they could eat that much of Kawasaki's food, but Tiff says she has a feeling that Scarfies can eat anything. Tuff says they eat almost as much as Kirby. Tuff and Tiff look down, but Kirby is not there! Tuff asks where Kirby went, but Tiff notices Kirby at the table where the Scarfies are eating. Kirby stares at the eating Scarfies. To Kirby’s delight, a half-eaten chicken leg falls near Kirby. Kirby jumps for joy and is about to pick it up when a Scarfy suddenly bites his arm. Tiff and Tuff gasp. Kirby tries to shake the Scarfy off. Dedede notices and tells his Scarfy not to eat that. He says that he'll get a big pink bellyache. The king tells Kirby to stop messing with him and he throws him. Tiff notices Kirby's arm, which has bite marks. The Scarfy stares at Kirby and licks its lips.

Dedede abandons his pet Scarfies.

Kirby's house is ransacked by the beasts.

Later that evening, Lady Like has prepared dinner for her family. Suddenly, the Scarfies barge in and eat the dinner. Tuff and Tiff are shocked. Sir Ebrum says how dare. Tiff asks what is going on and Tuff says that that is their dinner. The Scarfies quickly leave, but Tuff tells them to get back here. They run through the long hallway while Tiff assumes that Dedede cut back on their snacks. The Scarfies quickly run into Dedede’s bedroom while Tiff and Tuff look at what happens next. Dedede says that it is "dindin time for [his] little babies". He takes off the lid of the tray to reveal a turkey. The Scarfies rejoice and munch on the poultry. Dedede says that they sure is hungry. Tiff asks how they could be hungry because they just ate, but Tuff says that maybe they are just like Kirby. The Scarfies continue to eat the turkey. Dedede tells his "little munchy munchkins" to eat all they like. One of the Scarfies takes a bite out of a cupcake and then spits it out. Dedede says that the Scarfy doesn't like the "cuppy-cake", so he’ll give it to Escargoon. Escargoon asks the king is he wants him to really eat the cupcake. Dedede asks if there is something wrong with it. Escargoon says that only the fact that the dessert is covered with Scarfy cooties, so he hopes his medical plan covers this. Escargoon eats and says that he can hardly taste the Scarfy slime. Tuff says that Dedede sure treats the Scarfies great, but Tiff thinks he is just spoiling those things rotten. Later that evening, Dedede reminiscents on his first day with his Scarfies by staring at pictures and watching videos of him and his pets. In the video, Dedede is playing with his Scarfy and he claims that his little jumping beans have made him the happiest he has been in all his life! Dedede looks at his sleeping pets, saying that they sleep so peaceful and why are they not up watching videos with their "dad"? Dedede says that they sure is cute, them little sleeping bugs. Dedede asks that if he is so happy, then why is he so lonesome? He stares at his pets again and says that they sure are cute when they’re sleeping, but they ain't no fun. Dedede picks up the NME catalog and says that maybe he should research into other pets like a puppy dog or a fishy. Escargoon barges in, telling the king that he wll not believe this. Dedede jumps in fright, throwing the catalog high in the air, telling Escargoon to quiet down because he'll wake up the Scarfies. The catalog bounces off Escargoon's. An angered Escargoon tells the king to look at the calculator he is holding. Escargoon tells the king that this is the price of the food bills since the Scarfies showed up! Escargoon shows the king a sum of 8 million denden! Dedede, dumbfounded, asks if that's how much it costs to feed them. A smug Escargoon tells Dedede that that is only for one Scarfy, so to multiply that number by 4 and to also add storage cost, refrigeration, and kitchen staff overhead. Escargoon tells the king that if those piggy parasites keep eating like this, it's hello poorhouse for them. Dedede says that it's time to unload those nasty nibblers.

Escargoon gives the Scarfies food.

Dedede and Escargoon are nothing but chew toys for the Scarfies.

Later that night, Dedede and Escargoon drive through Whispy Woods Forest in their limo with the Scarfies in tow. Escargoon hates to tell Dedede he told him so, but he did tell him that the Scarfies would be nothing but trouble. Dedede says that they'll see how much trouble they can start out here in Whispy Woods. Dedede pulls a lever, which causes a giant extendable hand to come out of the car. The extendable hand grabs the caged Scarfies and throws them against a tree. The dizzy Scarfies roll out of the caged, thankfully unharmed. Dedede and Escargoon make a getaway, leaving the scared and saddened Scarfies. Time passes and Rick is walking through the forest carrying an apple. The hamster notices the Scarfies and asks who they are because he hasn't seemed them around here before. Rick says that they look pretty hungry and he offers one of the Scarfies an apple. The Scarfy sniffs it, takes a bite out of the bright red fruit but quickly spits it out. Rick says that they are pretty picky, but all the Scarfies do is stare at Rick and make cute little “nom nom” noises. Rick apologizes to the Scarfies, saying that this is all he has and he wishes he could offer them more. Suddenly, the Scarfies chase Rick. Rick runs swiftly and climbs up a tree. Rick asks what is wrong with those blokes. At the mayor's sheep farm, the sheep are fast asleep...until they hear a rustling in the grass. The sheep look to see what it is. The rustling is actually the Scarfies, with glowing yellow eyes, searching for food. The sheep look on as the Scarfies lunge at them. The sheep give their last baaa as they are brutally eaten alive by the Scarfies. The shepherd quickly comes out of his house and is horrified at the sight he sees. There is nothing but bones left from the used to be sheep. He says that he must report the act that was done upon his poor little sheep. The shepherd looks off into the distance, looking at who has done such an awful thing. The culprits are the Scarfies...but now there are more than four of them. Kirby is fast asleep outside his house when the group of Scarfies passes by it. However, one of the Scarfies stops to stare at Kirby. It was the exact Scarfy that had bit Kirby’s arm earlier that day. He bounces towards the tree that Kirby is quickly asleep in. The Scarfy licks his lips and the others follow as well. The Scarfies start to edge closer and closer to the tree. The dark and dreary clouds cover the moonlight and that is the exact moment the Scarfy decides to get his prey. The Scarfies bounce up the tree and slowly edge towards Kirby. Kirby quickly realizes their presence and wakes up. However, right when he woke up, the Scarfy bites his arm. Kirby screams in pain and runs into his house, waking up Tokkori. Tokkori asks what that is as he looks at the Scarfy attached to Kirby's arm. Suddenly, the whole pack of Scarfies barge in and ransack the house. Tokkori, surprised, is eaten by one of the monsters. Kirby finally shakes the Scarfy off his hand and makes a run to the town, with the Scarfies quickly following behind. The Scarfy spits out Tokkori and leaves. Tokkori complains, asking the Scarfy if he is not tasty enough. Kirby runs away from the Scarfies, with the shepherd and the mayor watching in the distance. Melman tells Kawasaki how the Scarfies ate the mayor's sheep, leaving nothing but a big pile of bones. Suddenly, Kirby barges in the restaurant with the Scarfies on his tail. The Scarfies circle Melman and Kawasaki and then follow Kirby into Tuggle's shop. The Scarfies quickly scarf down all the food products at the shop and follow Kirby out. The Cappies move out of the way as Kirby and the Scarfies head towards Dedede's castle.

Hammer Kirby.

At the castle, Dedede talks to Tokkori, telling him he has done flipped his feathers because there were only four Scarfies. Tokkori says that there is at least 20 of them now, he saw them with his own eyes. Escargoon says that the snack pack has got some new members and Dedede says that it’s not his problem now; Dedede and Escargoon laugh at their devious plan. Tiff tells Dedede that he set the Scarfies free, but Dedede says Escargoon did it and he would never lie. Tiff tells the king to admit he is irresponsible and he couldn't handle them, so he had to release them. Tuff then assumes that the Scarfies ate too much and Dedede and Escargoon couldn't afford the bill. Escargoon tells Tuff how dare he guesses the truth, but Dedede says that he has plenty of food specially made for Scarfies. Escargoon says they sure do. Dedede says to bring all the snack attackers here so he can give them all the grub they want. As Dedede and Escargoon laugh, Meta Knight says that they're coming! Kirby and the Scarfies run across the drawbridge and enter the castle. Tiff is terrified, Escargoon says he doesn't like the looks of this, and Dedede says that they're looking to gobble them up. Everyone runs inside the castle to get away from the Scarfies. Dedede and Escargoon stand by the huge boxes of Scarfy food, awaiting the imminent arrival of the beasts. Tiff asks the king what he is waiting for and Tuff tells them to give them the food already. Dedede says that the food is right here and Escargoon says that they have plenty of food for the Scarfies. Escargoon throws the boxes to the ground, spilling its contents. The Scarfies quickly eat the bone-shaped treats as Escargoon goes bag by bag opening the food. Dedede gloats, saying to look how responsible he is by feeding his hungry little Scarfies. However, there is something strange and Tuff and Tiff quickly point it out. One of the Scarfies finishes its bone and feels a little weird. Suddenly, it transforms into its one-eyed demon form, looking exactly as if Kirby tried to inhale them in the games. Dedede and Escargoon run to the entrance, horrified at their appearances now. Escargoon says things are getting ugly. The group looks on as the Scarfies transform into monsters! They all run after Kirby as Dedede wonders what is going on. Tiff says that something is wrong with that Scarfy food and Tuff says that they're all transforming into monsters! Tiff and Tuff follow the monsters as Meta Knight follows, saying he knew it was NME all along. Dedede and Escargoon are left behind, becoming chew toys for the Scarfies. Dedede tells Escargoon to do something. Escargoon tells Dedede he is doing something, getting perforated. They quickly run out of the room and into the hallway with the beasts following them. Some Waddle Dees try to hold the Scarfies off. Sword and Blade try to fend off the Scarfies as well. Sir Ebrum and Lady Like are quickly jumped by the Scarfies though. Tiff tells Kirby to suck up the Scarfies. Kirby tries to inhale the beasts, but all they do is transform back into their demon form and sway back and forth. Tuff is horrified because Kirby cannot suck them up, but Meta Knight says that some monsters cannot be sucked up. Tuff then has no idea how to stop them. Kirby tries to inhale the monsters once more, but it is no use. One of the Scarfies bites Kirby’s arm. Fortunately, Meta Knight swoops in and slashes the Scarfy off using Galaxia. The Scarfies transform into demons and Meta Knight tells them to watch out.

Kirby wipes out the monsters.

The Scarfies chase the group again, but they manage to hide on the side of the balcony where Dedede and Escargoon are fending off the beasts with his hammer. Dedede tells the one-eyed Cappy eating freaks to stay away. Escargoon says they're getting closer. Dedede warns them that he'll bash their little fangs in, so to stay away. One of the monsters jumps at Dedede, but he quickly hits it with his hammer. The Scarfy spits out the bone and returns to normal. Meta Knight points out the hammer and Tiff tells Kirby to suck up the hammer. Dedede tells Kirby to do something fast before they swallow him up. Kirby sucks up Dedede's hammer, causing Dedede and Escargoon to fall off the balcony. Kirby then becomes Hammer Kirby. Whom Meta Knight quickly explains to Tiff and Tuff. The Scarfies surround Hammer Kirby and then lunge at him. Kirby uses a Hammer Bash to fend off the monsters. The Scarfies are thrown back, making them spit out the bone they had ingested and reverting them to normal form. Escargoon and Dedede cling to the wall of the balcony with Escargoon telling Dedede to move faster. Kirby then performs a Hammer Swing, quickly ridding of the rest of the bunch. After he finishes, Tuff points out that there is one Scarfy left. The monster jumps at Kirby, but Kirby sends it flying with a Giant Swing. The Scarfy lands on Dedede and Escargoon, knocking them back down to the ground and creating a giant hole in it. The Scarfy jumps out unharmed and back to normal.

A plethora of Scarfies.

Escargoon asks the N.M.E. Sales Guy what they are going to do with 300 Scarfies and Dedede says that they better take those things off his hand. The N.M.E. Sales Guy says that they have no-return policy once they have multiplied...unless they come to an agreement. Dedede asks what this agreement is. The N.M.E. Sales Guy says that Dedede will need to pay 1000 smackers for each new Scarfy. Dedede hysterically laughs at the agreement as it zooms out to show all the Scarfies. The Scarfies jump on Dedede as he tells Escargoon to do something. Escargoon tells the Scarfy to watch where they put that fang. Tiff and Tuff laugh at Dedede and Escargoon. The episode ends with one of the Scarfies biting Kirby's right arm.

End of spoilers

Changes in the Dub

  • The kanji on Kawasaki's restaurant was digitally airbrushed out.
  • The scene where King Dedede abandons the Scarfies is slightly shortened in the dub.
  • The scene where the Scarfies invade Samo's bar is removed from the dub due to alcoholic references.
  • The scene where Kirby performs his Hammer Bash was shortened in the dub for unknown reasons.


  • Surprisingly, the giant cake given to the Scarfies for their first meal looks exactly like Kirby's anniversary cake from Kirby Takes the Cake.
  • This episode reveals that Kawasaki's restaurant does not allow pets.

Other languages

Language Name Translation Airdate
Italian Una fame da lupi! A wolves hunger! November 6, 2014
Korean 제멋대로 펫, 스카피 Whatever Pet, Scarpy Unknown
Spanish (Latin America) Las mascotas amenazadoras The menacing pets Unknown