I've seen a lot of great airships in my travels. But my floating friend Doc, there, made this one. And it's the best around.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Daroach's Airship[1] is a vehicle in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack. It belongs to the leader of the Squeaks, Daroach.

Physical Appearance

Daroach's Airship is a blimp made in the likeness of Daroach. Its envelope is gray with two yellow stripes and a red spike on the front. The gondola and engine are red on the outside. The airship has no rubbers or tail fins. Instead, two giant elevators with propellers extend from the top of the blimp; these are meant to resemble ears. Between the two elevators is a vast, red metal object designed to look like Daroach's top hat.

The interior of the airship's gondola is metallic and mechanized. Four computer monitors line the left wall, and seats are set up in front of them. (One computer and one chair are obscured by the ship's steering wheel.) The gondola is lined with large windows.

Inside the gondola, Daroach hovers over the computer monitors. Squeakers hop along the Touch Screen. After the Kirbys defeat the first three bosses—Whispy Woods, Lady Ivy, and King DededeStoro, Spinni, and Doc, the other Squeaks, appear on the airship.


Kirby Mass Attack

Daroach's Airship first arrives in the Popopo Islands after the Kirbys have completed five stages in Green Grounds. It flies over to the heroes, who board the ship and allow Daroach to introduce himself. He gives the Kirbys the assignment of collecting the islands' medals for him. After this, visiting the ship (which is accomplished by tapping it on the stage selection screen) is mostly optional for the player. The airship follows the Kirbys to any island they visit (excluding Necro Nebula).

The main reason the Kirbys would visit Daroach's Airship is to hear Daroach's dialogue. In addition to small talk, the mouse gives the player hints about the locations of medals and tips for defeating bosses and mid-bosses. When Daroach has a new hint, a talk bubble appears next to his airship on the stage selection screen. Daroach's Airship only flies over to the Kirbys on its own when something of consequence has occurred, such as when the Kirbys are ambushed by Skullys on their way to Sandy Canyon or if they collapse the Teetering Tree in Dedede Resort.

After the Kirbys defeat Skullord, Daroach flies his airship to the Kirbys and congratulates them. If the player collected every rainbow medal before this, a cutscene plays in which the Kirbys use the medals' rainbow light to destroy the clouds covering Necro Nebula. After completing the game and collecting every medal, the Kirbys can return to Daroach's Airship and give the treasure hunter their valuables. Daroach thanks them and gives them the Survival Rush sub-game (in the form of a book) as a reward. With the Squeaks' business concluded, Daroach's Airship flies away.

Related Quotes

My floating friend there, Doc, built my airship. He's a genius when it comes to machines. Right, Doc? Hmm. He's getting on in years now, but I'm sure he's got a lot of big ideas knocking around his head.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack
As the captain of an airship with all sorts of buttons and blinky lights... I know the value of a good manual.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack
As you play the game, you'll be able to go to my ship, Daroach's Airship. If you come to me, I'll give you game hints and tell you where the medals are hidden.
— Flag USA  Instruction manual description • Kirby Mass Attack
At some point in the game, you’ll gain access to my ship. Drop by and I’ll let you in on some game hints and give you tips on where to find medals.
— Flag EU  Instruction manual description • Kirby Mass Attack




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