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Summon your courage to face the inhabitants of Dark Manor. Dash between the lanterns, or roll up a glowing Stogue to help light the way. Don't get lost in this spooky mansion!
— Official guide

Dark Manor is the 22nd stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. It is the second bonus stage, and last stage in Treat Land, the fourth level in the games. It comes after Cocoa Station and precedes Splash Beach of Water Land.

The atmosphere of the stage is in contrast with the cheery mood of the rest of Treat Land. The gloomy Dark Manor is the "dark" area of the stage where Kirby and Prince Fluff can only see a certain distance away from themselves as a layer of black denim covers the rest. There are no Metamortexes in the stage. Due to the nature of the stage, it is the final and most difficult instance of Zeke's hide and seek sub-game. This stage is the one most out of place within Treat Land.


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