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Dangerous Dinner is the seventh level of Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

General Information

Dangerous Dinner is the second and final level of the game to take place on Halcandra. A place of high volcanic activity and large mountains, Kirby and company journey through it after the crash landing of the Lor Starcutter. On their adventure, they travel across the fiery land in search of Landia, who stands at the top of one of the volcanoes.

Dangerous Dinner introduces lava into the game. As previously mentioned, it can create towering pillars of lava, as well as spheres of molten rock that float around the screen. Iron Barbars dwell in some lava pits. Kirby can use Super Abilities to clear the way in some stages, revealing dimensional rifts.

Dangerous Dinner contains four levels. The mid-bosses of the first stage are Water Galboros and Ice Sphere Doomer, the mid-bosses of the second stage are Super Bonkers and Ice Sphere Doomer, and the mid-bosses of the third stage are Dubior, Gigant Edge, Moundo, Kibble Blade, King Doo, Bonkers, and purple and Fire Sphere Doomer. The boss of Dangerous Dinner is Landia.

Copy Abilities

Aside from two Super Abilities, all Copy Abilities are present.

KRtDL Beam icon.pngKRtDL Beam UI.png
KRtDL Bomb icon.pngKRtDL Bomb UI.png
KRtDL Crash icon.pngKRtDL Crash UI.png
KRtDL Cutter icon.pngKRtDL Cutter UI.png
KRtDL Fighter icon.pngKRtDL Fighter UI.png
KRtDL Fire icon.pngKRtDL Fire UI.png
KRtDL Hammer icon.pngKRtDL Hammer UI.png
KRtDL Hi-Jump icon.pngKRtDL Hi-Jump UI.png
KRtDL Ice icon.pngKRtDL Ice UI.png
KRtDL Leaf icon.pngKRtDL Leaf UI.png
KRtDL Mike icon.pngKRtDL Mike UI.png
KRtDL Needle icon.pngKRtDL Needle UI.png
KRtDL Ninja icon.pngKRtDL Ninja UI.png
KRtDL Parasol icon.pngKRtDL Parasol UI.png
KRtDL Sleep icon.pngKRtDL Sleep UI.png
KRtDL Spark icon.pngKRtDL Spark UI.png
KRtDL Spear icon.pngKRtDL Spear UI.png
KRtDL Stone icon.pngKRtDL Stone UI.png
KRtDL Sword icon.pngKRtDL Sword UI.png
KRtDL Tornado icon.pngKRtDL Tornado UI.png
KRtDL Water icon.png
KRtDL Water UI.png
KRtDL Whip icon.png
KRtDL Whip UI.png
KRtDL Wing icon.png
KRtDL Wing UI.png

Super Abilities

KRtDL Snow Bowl icon.png
KRtDL Snow Bowl UI.png
Snow Bowl
KRtDL Grand Hammer icon.png
KRtDL Grand Hammer UI.png
Grand Hammer
KRtDL Ultra Sword icon.png
KRtDL Ultra Sword UI.png
Ultra Sword

Energy Spheres

Stage 1

  1. In the room with the boulders, grab the Key and keep on running, avoiding the Halcandran Waddle Dee in the way. Bring the Key to the lock.
  2. Obtain Water from Water Galboros, grab the Key and Surf across the magma. After bringing the Key to the lock, enter the optional room. Use Water to douse the exposed Fire Blocks, but don't destroy them. Grab the Key and ascend the cooled stairway.
  3. Destroy the Bomb Block above the Iron Barbar pit. Enter the optional door. Press only the Switches that will help the Key Dee reach the end. Don't press the third or sixth Switches, and wait until the moving platform is on the left side before pressing the seventh Switch.
  4. Use Snow Bowl to freeze the volcano. Once the volcano shatters, a Dimensional rift zone will appear. Enter the Dimensional rift and defeat the Ice Sphere Doomer at the end.

Stage 2

  1. In the first room, defeat the Degouts on the left.
  2. In the second room, obtain Ninja from Moonja. In the section with the ladder to the left and the lava wall to the right, there's a passage to the right that leads to an optional door. Use Wall Cling on the top left overhang. Use Wall Strike when the lava pillar lowers slightly.
  3. Obtain Hi-Jump from the Starman or the Copy Essence. In the section with the Halcandran Bouncys, take the rightward route, using a Hi-Jump to pass through when the passage opens up briefly. Do this a second time.
  4. Use Grand Hammer to complete the electric circuits that activate a detonation, as well as pound the pipes that spew out fire. The third circuit is the only circuit required to progress. The fifth and third bar need a Grand Hammer, and the second bar needs a Super Hammer Plus. After the third circuit has been bypassed, destroy the Durable Blocks and pound in the small pipes, causing the crystal to be destroyed, allowing the player to pound the large pipe using Super Hamer Plus. This will cause the statue to drop into the lava, revealing the Dimensional rift zone. Enter the Dimensional rift and defeat the Ice Sphere Doomer at the end.

Stage 3

  1. Destroy the stone blocks in the ground and run across the Collapse Blocks.
  2. In the room with the Halcandran Parasol Waddle Dees, instead of running below the second giant molten rock, float above it when it descends, revealing an optional door. Enter the optional door. Use the first Stomper Boot to destroy the Durable Blocks and bounce on the lava and Gordos, eventually gaining access to the second Stomper Boot. Use the second Stomper Boot to bounce on the molten rocks and Gordo, and destroy the Durable Blocks at the end.
  3. Use the Prism Shield to defeat the Key Dee at the end of the elevator room. Grab the Key and enter the door. Quickly traverse the room, as the Key has a time limit, while also avoiding obstacles such as Hunter Scarfies, red Degouts, molten rocks, Iron Barbars, and other enemies.
  4. Use Ultra Sword to cut the volcano in half. Inside the volcano is the Dimensional rift zone. Enter the Dimensional rift and defeat the purple and Fire Sphere Doomers at the end.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese デンジャラス ディナー Officially romanized as Dangerous Dinner.
English Dangerous Dinner
Simplified Chinese 危险晚餐 Translates to Dangerous Dinner.
German Nacho-Nervenkitzel Translates to Nacho Thrill.
French Terrain tonitruant Translates to Thunderous Terrain.
Italian Cena Cimentosa Translates to Dangerous Dinner.
Volcán Vainilla Translates to Vanilla Volcano.
(Latin America)
Rocas de Rábano Translates to Radish Rocks.


  • Stage 3 of Dangerous Dinner contains a secret area; in the last room, Kirby must float up to the molten planetoid toward the top of the screen and press up. He will enter it like he would enter a door. The room is windy and will push Kirby downwards. He can collect food, stars, red stars and a blue star as he falls.

Haldera Volcano