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Two Cutters arm Kirby with a jumbosized boomerang. This weapon will pass through obstacles on its round-trip flight.
— Description • Nintendo Power (Volume #134)

Cutter + Cutter (also called Super Boomerang[1] or Spiked Boomerang[2]) is a Power Combo used in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. To get the power, Kirby must inhale two Cutter enemies. Kirby splits himself into two halves, one half is totally defenseless, while the other destroys any enemy in its path. The defenseless Kirby is very vulnerable to all foes. He can only walk and jump to avoid attacks. While his cutting half is away, Kirby cannot dash, float, or swim. This move can attack through walls and churns up dirt when it flies close to the ground.


While split in two, Kirby has no face or arms and can only run and jump, he cannot float and is left very vulnerable to enemy attack. While the other half is separated, it is in the shape of a boomerang with white, teeth-like blades along its perimeter. The blade is much larger than the regular Cutter and can go longer distances. Once the cutter has been thrown, it will fly away to the very edge of the screen and then soar back.

This ability is very similar to Rick's Cutter ability where he throws Kirby like a boomerang.


Move Controls Description
Cutter + Cutter B Kirby splits into two pieces, one half becomes a large and spiky boomerang shaped object. After flying forward it flies back. This attack is larger and covers more distance than a normal Cutter. Note that this attack can pass through the ground, whereas normal Cutter cannot.

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Kirby launches a gigantic, spinning, crescent-shaped saw blade that comes back like a boomerang.
— Description • Official Strategy guide
The small boomerang is replaced by a giant boomerang with saw-like teeth, which rips through the ground, walls, and enemies. It's very effective at clearing out enemies in your way.
— Description • Official Strategy guide