Throw a boomerang all over! Slash! Jab! Strike! You can even cut ropes!
— Cutter's Flavour Text • Kirby Super Star Ultra

Cutter is One of Kirby's Copy abilities. It is commonly regarded as the main projectile-based ability in the series.

Kirby gains the ability to utilize a curved blade. When thrown, it will always return to him in the fashion of a boomerang. If Kirby jumps over the cutter on its return, it will go beyond him and go off-screen (and also cleave any enemies that happen to be be behind him). In later games, the Cutter's blade has become more controllable since Kirby can guide the blade either upwards or downwards.

The Cutter hat somewhat resembles a duck- it's a yellow hat with a bill that's either yellow or white, and two black eyes that look like Kirby's own. Two tiny white wings are on the side, and Kirby keeps the cutter blade attached to the top of the hat when not in use. However, in Kirby 64, the "blade" Kirby uses is actually his own face, which peels off his body and travels foward.

Attacks and Features

Attack Name Controls Description Element
Cutter Boomerang B or Y A boomerang that will fly forward and damage enemies. In most games it can be controlled with ↑ or ↓. By jumping over the blade, Kirby can hit enemies behind him. A Cutter Boomerang goes further if Kirby jumps over it. A copy scroll in Squeak Squad will make the blade much more bigger and powerful. Generally, this is the most basic move in Cutter Kirby's arsenal, and is usually the only move he can use in most games. None
Cutter Dash B + Dash Kirby uses the blade like a sword and swings it to damage enemies. None
Sweep Cutter Hold B (Midair) Kirby throws a cutter boomerang like normal, but holds out another Cutter while doing it, therefore doing a little extra damage. None
Cutter Drop Down + B (Midair) Kirby holds his cutter in front of him as he falls damaging enemies. By dashing in midair the attack goes slightly faster. None
Cleaving Cutter/Nonstop Cutter/Final Cutter Up/Down/Forward + B (Near Enemy) Kirby attacks using his cutter as a sword. After two slashes he jumps in the air and brings down his blade on the enemy(ies) in a final huge slash, generating an energy wave on the ground that explodes on contact with a wall. This move is sometimes used by Sword, but with the first two slashes removed. None

Animal Friends combo abilities

Animal Controls Description Element
Rick B Rick throws Kirby like a boomerang. None
Coo B Coo throws three spinning feathers. One going upwards, one forwards, and one downwards. In the third game he only shoots one feather but, it is angelable. None
Kine B Kine shoots a large blast out of his mouth that goes a long distance. None
Gooey B Gooey tosses a spinning blade, acting exactly as Kirby's ability alone. None
Nago B Nago swings his partner upwards and fires a large purple shock wave that damages aerial enemies. None
Chuchu B Chuchu is swung around by Kirby. It is nearly impossible for the duo to get damaged. None
Pitch B Pitch becomes a boomerang that flies around. While Pitch is flying his partner is left with no way to defend himself. None

Super Smash Bros. Series


Final Cutter in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Kirby uses the Final Cutter as his Up Special in all three Super Smash Bros.. Instead of being used as a combo it's all one manuver, Kirby brandishes a Cutter, jumps up, then comes back down, creating a Cutter Beam on landing. This version of the attack is sometimes used by Sword.


Kirby: Right Back At Ya!

Cutter Kirby uses the same duck hat as the later games, and appears whenever Kirby manages to inhale things like blades and saws (anything that's sharp except for an actual sword, it seems.) It is revealed here that the Cutter that Kirby uses is stored on the hat when it isn't in use. In the transformation sequence, Kirby's hat spins on his head and the boomerang flies around until it hits his hat.This version of Cutter is based on the KSS version, but with new attacks. Cutter Boomerang is the primary attack, but Kirby often uses Cutter Finish or Final Cutter to finish off enemies.

It also gains a new ability- Cutter Beam, where Kirby spins rapidly and fires a thin beam of energy to slice long distances away.

Transformation Sequence

Other Quotes

Remote Cutter BOOMERANG!
— Cutter's Flavour Text • Kirby: Squeak Squad
Throw the Cutter farther by holding B. Aim up or down with the +Control Pad.
— Cutter's Flavor Text • Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
The Cutter Boomerang is coming right back at ya!
— Cutter's Flavour Text • Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
The Cutter can cut anything in it's path. Use it to cut down enemies, as well as ropes that get in your way.
— Cutter's Flavor Text • Kirby Super Star
Kirby can throw a series of cutters that return like boomerangs!
— Cutter's Flavor Text • Kirby's Adventure


  • The flavor text in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, as well as the ability icon, is a reference to the anime, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
  • In most games, Kirby can fire rapid cutters, but in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, he can only fire one at a time with Cutter or Double Cutter because Kirby uses his face as a cutter. Though humorous, it leaves Kirby vulnerable; using this ability also leaves Kirby unable to fly as he usually does, he can only jump.
  • Kirby could use a similar move to the Cutter ability after inhaling Link in the original Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64. In later Smash games, Link used a bow and arrow as his neutral B.


Other Ability Icons

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