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Fly around while attacking with a bow and arrow!
— Kirby Battle Royale - Kirby's 25th Anniversary Copy Ability Poll

Cupid is one of Kirby's Copy Abilities, making its debut in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and later returning in Kirby: Squeak Squad.

General Information

Cupid is a heavenly ability that gives Kirby a whole slew of useful ranged attacks. Upon inhaling Cupie, Kirby gains feathery wings, a halo, a bow, and an endless supply of heart-shaped arrows.

Cupid Kirby can effortlessly fly around and shoot pointy arrows at enemies. The number of arrows Cupid Kirby uses is based solely of how long the player holds down the B button. The longer it is held, the more arrows Kirby uses. Unfortunately, the arrows fall to the ground after traveling a short distance. To make up for that though, Kirby is also able to angle his shots to make sure he can hit the enemy. The ability's name was presumably changed to Cupid to avoid religious connotations; however, in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, the Cupid ability keychain is nevertheless known as Angel Kirby.

Cupid Kirby also appears as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, using his design from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. When applied, it makes the equipped fighter wield the Star Rod whenever entering a door or starting a level in the Subspace Emissary.


Move Controls Description
Heart Arrow B A single arrow is shot that flies forward. It can be aimed in any direction by pressing ↑ or ↓
Far Arrow B (short hold) Kirby charges the attack and shoots out an arrow at a much higher speed when the button is released. It can be aimed in any direction with the +Control Pad.
Triple Shot B (long hold) Kirby fully charges the attack and shoots out three arrows at once in a tight spread. It can be aimed in any direction with the +Control Pad.
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Straight Triple Shot
Dash + B Requires Ability Scroll. Whether on the ground or airborne, Kirby shoots three arrows much like his fully charged attack, but these travel fast and straight and are not affected by gravity.
Flight ←, →, ↑, ↓ Kirby uses his little wings to hover, and doesn't need to rely on inhalation to float around. Kirby gradually falls to the ground, like when using Wing.
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Kirby no longer falls, and hovers exactly in place.

Flavor Texts

GameFlavor text
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Fire a pointy arrow. Press and release B to fire the arrow. Change where you aim with the +Control Pad.
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Fire pointy arrows. Press and release B to fire the arrows. Change where you aim with +.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese エンジェル Translates to Angel.
English Cupid
Traditional Chinese 天使 Translates to Angel.
German Amoria Derived from "Amor," which means Cupid.
French Arcupidon Derived from "Arc Cupidon," which means Cupid's Bow.
Italian Cupido Translates to Cupid.
Spanish Arkero Derived from "Arquero," which means Archer. The Archer ability has a different name in Spanish.



Volume #21 cover of the manga

  • Artwork resembling the Cupid ability appears on the cover of Volume 21 of the Kirby of the Stars: The Story of Dedede Who Lives in Pupupu manga.
  • The hat Kirby gains from copying Pit and his attack with it in Super Smash Bros. Brawl resembles Cupid Kirby, complete with wings.
  • While this ability is represented as a keychain in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, it was retranslated to be closer to its Japanese name - Angel Kirby (although Cupie was not similarly renamed "Annie").
  • Cupid is one of two Copy Abilities in the Kirby series that grants Kirby a bow and arrows; the other is Archer.
  • Cupid, Mini, Smash Bros., Archer, Hypernova, ESP, and Staff are the only Copy Abilities whose names are different in Japan; in Japan, Cupid is Angel, Mini is Minimum, Smash Bros. is Sma Bro, Archer is Sniper, Hypernova is Big Bang, ESP is Esper, and Staff is Stick.
  • Cupid's name is one of two instances in the Kirby series where a Japanese name was changed in other countries to downplay religious connotations, the other being the Shadow Star (Devil Star in Japan) Air Ride Machine from Kirby Air Ride.
  • On page twenty-eight of the Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition celebration booklet, one of the answers for the Cavalcade of Kirby's Quiz (located at the back of the celebration book) states that Cupid Kirby first appeared in Kirby's Return to Dream Land; this is incorrect, as Cupid Kirby is from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.





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