Cret is an enemy and natural wonder of Dream Land that, so far, has only appeared in Kirby: Squeak Squad. It is a spherical yellow creature that floats through the air in a puffy cloud. Cret has the mysterious ability to drop explosive coconuts from his cloud, as a means of attacking Kirby.

If Kirby tries to do a regular inhale on a Cret, it will do nothing but temporarily immobilize the Cret. However, if Kirby attempts to use a super inhale on it, the Cret's cloud will be sucked away, defeating the exposed creature, which mysteriously disappears and leaves behind either a Gordo, a food item, or a 1UP.

Due to its extraordinary properties, Cret appears rather infrequently when compared to most other enemies. Another unique feature of Crets is that they will not re-appear unless Kirby re-visits the room they were found in.


Cret's name is feasibly derived from the word "secret," referring to the hidden item it carries within its cloud.



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