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|boss=[[Kracko's Revenge]]
|boss=[[Kracko's Revenge]]
|mini-boss=Kracko Jr.'s Revenge, [[Grand Wheelie]] (optional)
|mini-boss=Kracko Jr.'s Revenge, [[Grand Wheelie]] (optional)
|common enemies=[[Anglep]], [[Perot]], [[Lovely Rose]], [[Chilly]], [[Sword Knight]]
|common enemies=[[Anglep]], [[Perot]], [[Lovely Rose]], [[Chilly]], [[Sword Knight]], [[Gip]]

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Crash Clouds is Revenge of the King's response to Spring Breeze's Bubbly Clouds. It follows Illusion Islands and comes before Mt. Dedede Sky.

Level Intro

Kirby sneezes twice, blowing down some stars. After some sneezing, a sleeping Galbel falls on him, which then sneezes in its sleep.

This is nearly exactly the same intro as Bubbly Clouds, only a sleeping Galbel falls on Kirby instead of him being knocked down by stars.

General Information

Noting the shades of gray and rampant bolts of lighting in the level, Crash Clouds could possibly be poisonous acid, smoke and storm clouds. It also has ruins, like in most sky levels in Kirby games. Layout-wise, it follows the Kirby's Dream Land version of Bubbly Clouds more than Spring Breeze's interpretation and appears to be a weather station of sorts. Its gray clouds house many strange gizmos and design elements. The room accessed by entering the moon is still there, though Bonkers is replaced by Grand Wheelie and the fight is mandatory if the player chooses to enter the moon. The room is filled with food and one 1-UP. Plasma Wisps are plentiful in the room before the boss and can get in Kirby's way during his flight, seeing how they constantly teleport, and can be a burden to get across. Nonetheless, he must get through every tough obstacle if he wishes to fight the boss of this level; the dangerous Kracko's Revenge.


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