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Use the Buttons to move the crane and try to get a Kirby! A big one's hard to get, but worth it!
— Crane Fever Instruction Screen • Kirby's Adventure

Crane Fever is a sub-game in Kirby's Adventure. It does not return in the remake as all instances of it were replaced by Bomb Rally.


In Crane Fever, the player controls a crane arm and tries to collect Kirby plushies in exchange for extra lives. The player must press A to activate the arm, then he/she must press A again at the right time to pick up a plushy and move it to the hole to collect it. The more accurate the timing, the better the chance the plushy will make it all the way to the hole; however, if the timing wasn't very accurate, then there's a chance that the crane will drop it. On harder difficulties, the crane will move much faster, but the payout is the same.

Small plushies are worth one 1UP. Big ones are worth two (called 2UPs) but harder to time. If the player manages to get a plushy in the first pick, it is replaced before the second pick. The game ends after two tries whether or not the player managed to collect anything, so a perfect score is worth 4 1UPs.

Related Quotes

This is a stuffed toy catching game that everyone is familiar with. You simply use the crane to pick up a Kirby doll. The crane will move sideways as you press the A Button and will stop automatically when you release the A Button. The crane will then move down to pick up whatever is under it. Small Kirby dolls give you one extra life, but big Kirby dolls give you two extras!
— Crane Fever • Kirby's Adventure Instruction Booklet


  • Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, and Noddy plushies can also be seen in the crane machine but the player can't collect these.
  • The music that plays during this sub-game is an arcade sounding remix of the Vegetable Valley theme while the machine is idle and a fast remix of the Butter Building theme when the crane starts to move.
  • Unused screens of a Crane Fever-style sub-game can be found in Kirby Mass Attack’s coding. Instead of obtaining 1UPs, however, the player would grab plushies to add to a collection.[1]