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Crackity Hack is a sub-game from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.


The four Kirbys all have the Fighter ability. The goal is to make the biggest crack in the planet. The power level bar goes up four times. The goal is to stop it when it's as close to the top as possible by pressing button A. After doing that, the Kirbys jump up and by pressing A when Kirby is about to land, the player has to press button A again when two targets on the rock line up. Whichever Kirby makes the biggest crack in the Mirror World wins. All five timings in the button presses contribute to how far the crack goes, but the relationship is not linear. Perfecting all five cues will give the maximum 999.00 score, which makes a crack so deep it splits the mirror world in half.

This is similar to the sub-game Megaton Punch in Kirby Super Star.


  • The Japanese name for this sub-game is Gigaton Punch, which seems to make this sub-game a tribute to Megaton Punch.
    • It is hinted even in the non-Japanese versions, as the banner that has the word 'Giga' is still seen in the background.
  • If a player is successful and gets a 999.00 score, a short animation will appear showing the crack appearing on the other side of the Mirror World.
  • Cappy and Poppy Bros. Jr. make a cameo in the audience, even though they do not appear in-game.
    • Additionally, many different color variations of Kirby enemies that do not appear elsewhere make an appearance, such as green Waddle Doos and blue Scarfys.



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