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The Cotta were the first creatures Claycia and Elline made for their new world. Claycia sculpted them out of clay, and Elline painted each one. These little critters aren't very good at fighting, but don't tell them that!
— Figurine description • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Cotta is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.

Physical Appearance

Cotta appears to be an upside down yellow jar with red feet, a red line around its body, and a brown face with white eyes. It has yellow hands as well, but these only show when the enemy is holding something.


Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Cotta is Seventopia's equivalent to Waddle Dee; it is a slow, defenseless, common enemy. It gradually walks around forward when undisturbed, though many simply stand in one place. Kirby can dispatch it with a Tap Dash or Star Dash.

Like Waddle Dee, Cotta comes in several distinct varieties. Two notables ones are Spear Cotta and Balloon Cotta, who act similarly to Spear Waddle Dee and Balloon Waddle Dee. Spear Cotta stands in place, but then jumps into the air and throws its spear when Kirby approaches. Balloon Cotta holds a balloon in one hand that grants it the ability to slowly float upward or drift downward through the air. The enemy will drop if Kirby pops its balloon.


The name "Cotta" is likely derived from the term "terra cotta," which is a type of earthenware used for modeling and decorative purposes. Specifically, the word "cotta" comes from a Latin cognate meaning "baked," which may refer to Cotta's lumpy shape and texture.

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The only reason this guy took up spear throwing was to practice snagging delicious apples from Whispy Woods. No one wants to tell him that the Whispy Woods on this world doesn't grow apples.
— Spear Cotta Figurine description • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse