The copy palette only appears in Kirby Squeak Squad. The copy palette itself appears on the bottom screen of the DS, where the player can store up to 5 swallowed bubbles or treasure chests. By touching something, Kirby will use its power. If you drag it to the top of the screen, it will be in Kirby's mouth, just as if he had swallowed it. There, he can spit it out or swallow it back in.

The player can also combine food items with each other to get foods that replenish more health. When the player combines 3 Kirby Bubbles, he/she get a 1up, which is immediately used. When you combine star bubbles, you get a larger star bubble. Combining 2 will give you a medium star bubble. If used, it results in the large star to be exhaled that Kirby can get from large enemies. If 3 are combined, the player gets a large star bubble. If exhaled, it becomes a star that takes up almost a fourth of the screen. You can also mix ability bubbles, although the result for some are a random new ability. The only exception to this is if the player has the Copy Scroll for either Sword or Bomb.

The player can get new backgrounds for the copy palette from treasure chests. There are six in all, counting the one that the player starts with. There are also two unused ones in the game that feature Meta Knight and the Squeak Squad.

When the player mixes two bubbles and drags it across the screen, mini bubbles appear. These can alter the ability that is obtained. This is a list of the following combanations:

red background bubbles = fire or bomb or sleep

green background bubbles= beam or spark or sleep

blue background bubbles =ice or sleep

yellow background bubbles = metal or animal or ninja or bubble or sleep

white background bubbles= sword or cutter or sleep

rainbow background bubbles= rare ability: hammer, magic, etc

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