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Once you're in a game stage, the copy palette will display on the bottom screen. This is where you'll see the treasure chests and bubble items Kirby's carrying. Kirby can carry up to five of these at a time.
— Copy Palette • Kirby: Squeak Squad Instruction Booklet

The Copy Palette is a gameplay element that only appears in Kirby: Squeak Squad. It represents the inside of Kirby's stomach and appears on the bottom screen of the Nintendo DS, where the player can store up to five swallowed bubbles or Treasure Chests. By tapping an object within the Palette with the stylus, Kirby will use its power. Dragging it to the top of the bottom screen will instead have Kirby hold it in his mouth, and works like as if it was just inhaled.

Combining food items with each other yield food types which replenish more health. Combining 3 Kirby Bubbles yields a 1UP, which is immediately used. Combining two and three star bubbles will yield a medium and large star respectively, with the large one taking up almost a fourth of the screen when exhaled. Mixing ability bubbles result in a "random" new ability, while obeying certain special rulesets (see Mix). The only exception to this is if the player has the Copy Scroll for either Sword or Bomb.

The player can get new backgrounds for the Copy Palette from Treasure Chests. There are six in all, counting the one that the player starts with. There are also two unused ones in the game that feature Meta Knight and the Squeak Squad.

Copy Palette Locations

  • Check: 1-5, only Treasure Chest
  • Pastel: 2-3, first Treasure Chest
  • Industrial: 4-3, second Treasure Chest
  • Animal: 5-EX, first Treasure Chest
  • Machine: 6-5, second Treasure Chest

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Change your palette style
— Treasure description • Kirby: Squeak Squad


  • Kirby can actually hold a total of six bubbles at a time; five of them in the Copy Palette and one in his mouth.
  • The sections at the bottom left and bottom right of the Copy Palette are colored corresponding to the Spray Paint being used.
  • There are four unused Copy Palettes, each of which are styled after a different character. They are styled after Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Daroach.