Scan foes to acquire abilities from them!
— Kirby Battle Royale - Kirby's 25th Anniversary Copy Ability Poll

Copy is one of Kirby's Copy Abilities. It debuted in Kirby Super Star, and it also appeared in its remake.

General Information

This Copy Ability does exactly what it sounds like: it allows Kirby to copy an enemy's power if it has one, otherwise it does 10 damage to the enemy attacked. Kirby wears a white, high-tech visor, and fires a scanning beam. It will only destroy enemies that do not have a power to copy.

Due to its similarity to Kirby's innate ability of copying abilities, Copy is commonly considered to be fairly useless. Despite this, Copy is capable of doing various things better than Kirby's normal inhale or doing techniques that Kirby's inhale can't do at all. Copy's Analyze Beam doesn't defeat most ability enemies; by scanning one, Kirby can turn it into a Helper, then inhale the enemy to get the same power, creating a power duo. Copy can also obtain abilities from mid-bosses without having to defeat them beforehand, allowing the player to obtain the ability early, and can again turn it into a Helper and then inhale the defeated mid-boss for the power (although this may not be desirable against Chef Kawasaki, as Cook cannot damage him and does not have a Helper). Aside from a glitch that allows the player to inhale Scarfies, Copy is the only normal way to obtain Crash from them; due to Crash's power, this could be seen as desirable. In the Milky Way Wishes sub-game, the player can go to ??? and obtain the Copy Copy Essence Deluxe early, thus effectively bypassing the sub-game's gimmick of preventing Kirby from copying enemies.

Copy's main purpose was most likely to give Player 2 a character that plays similarly to Kirby, being Tac. Tac's Steal allows him to change Helpers if used on a Copy Ability-bearing enemy. Tac can also use Discard Copy Ability when a different Helper to revert back. Tac also has Cat Magnum in Kirby Super Star Ultra, giving him long range offensive power similarly to Kirby's Star Spit. Tac is also considered to be better than Kirby in some aspects: copying an ability heals Tac, Tac's guard renders him completely invincible, and Cat Magnum allows him to use powerful projectiles at anytime when not having an ability.

Copy has not appeared in any game other than Kirby Super Star and its remake. Instead, other games that feature multiplayer co-op in story mode use different methods:

  • Summoning Gooey in Kirby's Dream Land 3, who can copy abilities and ride animal friends like Kirby, but uses his tongue instead of an inhale, similarly to ChuChu, thus allowing him to swallow enemies that normally cannot be inhaled (such as Scarfies) and being able to swallow and spit projectiles underwater instead of using Water Gun
  • Using other colored Kirbys, that all have the same capabilities as Player 1.
  • Allowing other players to throw Friend Hearts, thus allowing them to change Helpers normally, as opposed to going into Hyper Mode and touching a Copy Ability-bearing enemy or object.


Move Controls Description Damage
Analyze Beam B or Y Kirby copies an ability from any scanned enemy. This ability is most useful against bosses, mid-bosses, as well as acquiring Crash from Scarfy and Mr. Anglep. If used on Tac, an enemy without an ability, or a boss, they will either be defeated or take damage. 10

Flavor texts

GameFlavor text
Copy enemies' abilities without fighting! The helper will also be able to copy abilities!
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Use a strange light to analyze and then copy foes' abilities. Might you learn weird ones?

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese コピー Translate to Copy.
English Copy
Traditional Chinese 复制 Translate to Copy.
German Kopie Translate to Copy.
French Copieur Translate to Copy.
Italian Copia Translate to Copy.
Spanish Copiar Translate to Copy.


  • Laser's headgear bears a resemblance to that of Copy.
  • The Robobot Armor in the game Kirby: Planet Robobot can obtain Modes in a similar fashion to the way this ability obtains Copy Abilities, but the Robobot Armor absorbs the enemy instead of just copying it.
  • Copy, along with Paint, is the only ability to appear in Kirby Super Star to have not appeared as an ability in a 3D game.





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