Scan foes to acquire abilities from them!
— Kirby Battle Royale - Kirby's 25th Anniversary Copy Ability Poll

Copy is one of Kirby's Copy Abilities. It debuted in Kirby Super Star, and it also appeared in its remake.

General Information

This Copy Ability does exactly what it sounds like - it allows Kirby to copy an enemy's power if it has one, with no difference to simply inhaling them. Kirby wears a white, high-tech visor, and fires a scanning beam. It will only destroy enemies that do not have a power to copy. Copy's Copy Essence Deluxe in Milky Way Wishes is found on the level ???. While it seems useless, seeing as Kirby naturally can copy an enemy, it could prove useful if one obtains this power first in Milky Way Wishes, as it would allow a player to temporarily take the powers of an enemy without a Copy Essence Deluxe. Therefore, if this ability's Copy Essence Deluxe is found first, it can help Kirby perform as well as if he had been able to inhale and copy enemies. It is also useful in taking powers from certain enemies that cannot be inhaled easily, like mid-bosses, as Kirby does not have to defeat them beforehand to take their powers. Copy is also the easiest way for Kirby to take Scarfy's secret Copy Ability, Crash.

Copy is perhaps most useful for its Helper, Tac. When used by a second player, Tac essentially becomes a second Kirby, allowing the second player to copy his own powers.


Move Controls Description Element Damage
Analyze Beam B or Y Kirby copies an ability from any scanned enemy. This ability is most useful against bosses, mid-bosses, as well as acquiring Crash from Scarfy and Mr. Anglep. If used on Tac, an enemy without an ability, or a boss, they will either be defeated or take damage. None 10

Flavor texts

GameFlavor text
Copy enemies' abilities without fighting! The helper will also be able to copy abilities!
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Use a strange light to analyze and then copy foes' abilities. Might you learn weird ones?

In Other Languages

The meaning of the name of the Copy ability is consistent throughout other languages, each name meaning Copy, as in English: the Japanese name is コピー (Kopī); the German name is Kopie; the Spanish name is Copiar; the French name is Copieur; the Italian name is Copia; and finally, the Chinese name is 复制 (Fùzhì).


  • Laser's headgear bears a resemblance to that of Copy.
  • The Robobot Armor in the game Kirby: Planet Robobot can obtain Modes in a similar fashion to the way this ability obtains Copy Abilities, but the Robobot Armor absorbs the enemy instead of just copying it.




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