Commander Vee is Princess Rona's royal guard, who was disguised as her while Rona herself had some fun under the guise of her own guardsman. Vee herself, under Rona's guise, had to act extremely polite as a princess should- so polite she was quite a bit boring. When Rona's father arrived, everyone found out in surprise that Rona and Vee were doing a little "switcheroo" to fool everyone, and the three returned home to Planet Pipi.

Physical Appearance

Under the disguise of Princess Rona in her initial appearance, Vee is dressed strikingly like the princess herself, except with a transparent paper cloth worn over her mouth, and the bottom of her dress is blue-green instead of blue. As her true identity, Vee is dressed in blue military clothing with yellow buttons, brown shoes, and silver shoulder pads. She wears a pointed white helmet with a shiny blue edge, yellow spots, and a brown belt, and she wears a white belt around her waist with a sheath that carries a short sword with a yellow handle that has green gems. It's also interesting to note that Vee also has eyelashes like Rona, and has green eyes.


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