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KEY Blue Meteors
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In Games
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PropertiesCan be destroyed by yarn balls
Comets are obstacles found in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. They are only found in stages of Space Land. Several of them are found orbiting planets in Stellar Way and floating through space in Outer Rings. Space Kracko uses three large waves of them as one of his attacks. They are similar to meteors.

These objects are not technically enemies, and they do not show up on the enemies cast in Patch Plaza. They are not affected by Kirby's yarn whip or his Weight form, but can be destroyed by yarn ball projectiles or from the Rocket's stars.

Physical Appearance

These obstacles have electric blue bodies streaming a trail of blue that gives them the appearance of a comet. Comets come in various sizes, and drop more beads depending on their size.


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