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Use the Train Metamortex to smash through blocks, chase down elusive Star Beads, and find the train waiting in Cocoa Station. Keep an eye out for helpful boosts to barrel through this delicious detour!
— Official guide

Cocoa Station is the 21st stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. It is the first bonus stage and sixth stage in Treat Land, the fourth level in the games. It comes after Squashini and precedes Dark Manor, and is unlocked by collecting a sufficient number of Beads in the battle against Squashini. The stage is played through entirely using Kirby's Train Metamortex, and is the only one in the games without any enemies.

Cocoa Station is filled with all sorts of chocolate—bars, chocolate oranges etc., but it has less food than Sweets Park that came before. The Train Metamortex features in the stage. The structures in the background of the stage is reminiscent of Dream Land's Butter Building from Kirby's Adventure.

Cocoa Station shares the same musical background theme as Toy Tracks.


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