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Clash at Castle Dedede is the fifth and final stage of World of Peace - Dream Land, and the fifth stage overall in Kirby Star Allies. It is set in Castle Dedede at sunset, and features the mid-boss Bugzzy. King Dedede is the boss of this stage.

Stage Overview

At the beginning of the stage, the player will encounter a Plugg, followed by ladders leading up to a higher platform. Optionally activating the lamps with the Plasma ability for Point Stars, the player should continue on, past the Sir Kibble and up the stairs to the door to the next room with a Knuckle Joe beside it.

As soon as they arrive in this room, the player will be confronted with a Room Guarder consisting of a Waddle Dee, two Waddle Doos, and culminating with Bugzzy. The player will then progress through formations of Waddle Dees and Scarfys designed to be dealt with using the Suplex ability, and there will soon be a round-trip door under a platform. In this puzzle room, the player must either use the Suplex or Fighter ability to perform the Friend Throw Friend Ability in order to access some food, Point Stars, and four Picture Pieces. Exiting back into the main room, the player will soon encounter another Room Guarder, this one consisting of two Waddle Dees, eight Nruffs, and two Waddle Dees riding two Nruffs. Once the Room Guarder has been cleared, the player can again use Friend Throw to break the nearby Durable Blocks and obtain a 1UP, along with the Rare Picture Piece of the level. Continuing on, there will be a two-friend Friend Door that leads to the next room; if the player does not have a friend, they can recruit the nearby Plugg.

In this room, the player and their friend climb up separate paths in order to help each other progress. The player must start by hitting a switch, allowing their friend to hit a switch; this, in turn, allows the player to hit a third switch that opens up the path to the top, where the door to the next room is located. The next room is empty, containing only some food for the player to heal themselves with as they run across the castle's ramparts. A big door is located on the right side of the room.

In the final room, there is a Reset Platform, followed by a Knuckle Joe, Sir Kibble, and Driblee. In the 3.0.0 update, if the player looks closely at the 2 windows (which were formerly lanterns in previous versions) they'll realize that the first window is open, by entering it the player will reach a secret room where they have to break Bomb Blocks and sprint through the corridors before stone blocks block the way. The first bomb block corridor contains four Bouncys, the second bomb block corridor contains four Scarfies and one Burning Leo and in the last bomb block corridor there is one Noddy napping by as well as one 1UP. After racing through all the corridors the player will have to fight Bonkers and then at the end there will be two Donpuffles and a bomb block, destroying the bomb block will spawn various star points and picture pieces at the ceiling all the way back to the window to the previous room.

When the player has prepared themselves, they must progress forward and confront King Dedede, who is corrupted by a Jamba Heart piece; once Dedede is defeated, the stage will be cleared.

Copy Abilities

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Rare Picture Piece

Celebration Picture Guide
The First Rival Use Suplex from Bugzzy or Fighter from Knuckle Joe to perform the Friend Throw Friend Ability in the Room Guarder area. The Rare Picture Piece is in the right Metal Block.


  • After King Dedede is defeated, a credits sequence plays at a fast speed, then rewinds, referencing the fast credits that play after Spring Breeze is completed in Kirby Super Star.
  • The music that plays in this level contains parts of the ending theme of Kirby's Dream Land, along with King Dedede's theme.
  • Grand Mam takes her boss battle theme from this stage.

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