Chop your tree as much as you can before time runs out. Swing the Joy-Con to swing the axe!
— Tutorial • Kirby Star Allies

Chop Champs is a sub-game that appears in Kirby Star Allies.

General Information

The objective of the game is for each Kirby to chop down as much of his tree as possible, trying to beat the scores of the three other Kirbys simultaneously chopping down their own trees. Every time Kirby swings his axe, he removes one segment of the tree, equivalent to 0.25 meters in height. While cutting down the tree, Kirby must quickly switch between sides of the tree to dodge obstacles that, if not avoided, stun him for a short time. There are three difficulties: Chop Amateur, Chop Chief, and Chop Champion. These modes are different in the speed of the gameplay and the obstacles present.

In Chop Amateur, the tree is 16 meters tall (64 segments), and the Kirbys swing their axes slowly. The only obstacles present are caterpillars; caterpillars hang still on one side of the tree, and if Kirby is standing underneath one when he cuts the section below them, the caterpillar will fall onto him and stun him. To avoid this, Kirby must make sure to be on the opposite side of the tree as the nearest caterpillar, knocking them away when he cuts their segment.

In Chop Chief, the tree is 27 meters tall (108 segments), and the Kirbys swing their axes at a moderate pace, requiring a faster reaction time. Caterpillars are present in this difficulty, and Gordos also appear as obstacles. Gordos function similarly to caterpillars, in that they are immobile and stun Kirby if they fall onto his head. However, if Kirby knocks one away by cutting the opposite side of their segment, they do not disappear, as caterpillars do, but instead fly to another player's tree. As a result, Gordos are harder to avoid, as they may suddenly fly onto a player's tree without warning.

In Chop Champion, the tree is 45 meters tall (180 segments), and the Kirbys swing their axes at a very rapid pace. Both caterpillars and Gordos appear as obstacles.

If the player completely chops down their tree, the respective Kirby celebrates, and the game automatically ends; however, achieving this is only possible if the player successfully avoids every single obstacle. Otherwise, each game lasts 25 seconds, and the player with the highest score (each segment chopped is equivalent to 50 points) wins. As the scores are tallied in the ending scene, each player's wood piles up, and each Kirby constructs a log cabin whose size is proportional to their score ranking.

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