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Chief Bookem is the only police officer of Cappy Town, and there isn't much for him to do, but he doesn't let that discourage him. He lives in his house/police station with his wife Buttercup. Not only is he a police officer, but also a traffic director, as seen in Hail to the Chief.

In the episode, Hail to the Chief, he said that he was a former member of a military group called the Rough Ranger Corps. This, however, turned out to be a false story he told to the children of Cappy Town to entertain them and it was his brother who was in the Rangers.

There is only one criminal in his jail cell who can easily get out of the cell if he wants to.

Physical Appearence

Bookem is a peach colored Cappy with a long black mustache that sports a standard teal police uniform with yellow buttons, with the cap and badge included. He also has a leather belt with a gun in his pouch, which he never uses (at least, not in the dub).


Bookem cares a lot about his job and will do anything to help people with their problems, in fact whenever someone is in trouble, he will not think twice about helping, although he almost never seems to worry about the consequences, like that one time where he brought all the garbage from the lost-and-found without thinking that his house would become filthyA Trashy Tale.


Bookem's name is based on the phrase "Book 'em", meaning to arrest someone.


  • In the dub, whenever he agrees with someone, he uses the phrase "as long as it's legal," a reference to his work as a police officer.
  • In most cases, all uses of Chief Bookem's gun were deleted in the dub.
  • Bookem is the chief's last name; his first name is never revealed.


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