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Chibi Dedede is an enemy in Kirby's Dream Course.


Kirby's Dream Course

Special enemies resembling miniature clones of King Dedede, they are spawned continuously from the back of Robo Dedede, the game's final and only boss. It is not known if they are also mechanical creations like Robo Dedede, or if they are organic in nature - though their ability to explode suggests the former.

Chibi Dededes charge forward in a straight line, until they touch the barrier behind Kirby, when they will slide over on their bellies to bump him, exploding on contact. They move significantly faster than Robo Dedede, but will only deduct a single life from Kirby's stock if they can breach his defenses, instead of causing an instant Game Over like Robo Dedede. Furthermore, Chibi Dededes have just one hit point, and will be defeated by any contact with a moving Kirby. Though weak individually, they have strength in numbers and will not stop coming until either Robo Dedede or Kirby is defeated.

Their primary purpose is to distract Kirby and force him to aim away from Robo Dedede periodically during the battle. They can also act as a shield to Robo Dedede if Kirby rolls along the ground. However, they can be largely ignored if the player enters the fight with enough extra lives in stock and focuses on damaging Robo Dedede, since Kirby will immediately respawn after losing a life. Though this strategy is far more risky in the Extra Course rematch, where Robo Dedede has twice as many hit points.

Another weakness of Chibi Dededes is that they cannot harm Kirby if he is not stationary and readying a shot in the middle of his "green zone." If the player launches Kirby away just before one touches him, they will harmlessly slide past his former position and disappear. Despite this advantage, Kirby will be vulnerable to other Chibi Dededes for a moment after he reappears.

Because Chibi Dededes only appear in the boss stage, they never need to be defeated for a hole to appear. They are also not present in the game's two-player mode.


  • Similar miniature clones of King Dedede would later appear in Kirby Fighters Deluxe, known as Mini Dededes. There are also Combo Dededes that are nearly full size. They are both part of Team DDD in the game's final boss fight, mirroring the role of the Chibi Dededes.