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Pick these up and start dancing! If you finish the dance, your attack power and speed will increase!
— Tip • Kirby Fighters 2

The Cheer Pom-Poms are an item in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Fighters 2.

Physical Appearance

The Cheer Pom-Poms are a pair of sparkly purple and white pom-poms. They are small when in use. On the field, however, they take the form of a single pom-pom roughly Kirby's size.


Kirby Fighters 2

When the Cheer Pom-Poms are acquired, the user dances with them like a cheerleader. This dance lasts five seconds but can be cancelled by throwing the pom-poms. The user is able to sidestep either direction and jump, which can be used to evade enemy attacks and stage hazards. If interrupted, he restarts the dance or drops the Cheer Pom-Poms with no effect. He can pick them up again to start over. Should the dance finish, the user gains increased speed/mobility and power for a brief period of time.

In Team Battles or in Story Mode: The Destined Rivals, the Cheer Pom-Poms power up both the user and his buddy. There is also a option to have only Cheer Pom-Poms drop during a battle in Battle Mode.