Checker Knights is an Air Ride course in Kirby Air Ride. It is often considered the most difficult Air Ride course in the game. The secondary music track that plays here is the theme for Green Greens from Kirby's Adventure.

General Information

Checker Knights is a surreal area located somewhere in Dream Land. The course mainly takes place on a checkerboard with somewhat medieval-styled castles and walls, among more unusual structures like half-pipes and spinning full pipes. About one third of the way through the track, the racecourse plunges underwater, revealing a dark undersea cityscape illuminated by neon lights, with floating rails, pipes and cubes above. The racers then return to the surface for the final third. The course incorporates almost every enemy in the game (even outside of Free Run), and has many challenging twists and turns, along with unique elements like Spin Panels. Two special pink switch panels near the end of the course, when activated, will both temporarily raise or lower an obstacle inside of a small room directly ahead. These panels can be activated as a surprise trap to stop racers immediately ahead of the player in their tracks before they can cross the lap line, or to clear the way if the obstacle has already been raised.


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Air Ride: Checker Knights
Checker Knights
Checker Knights in Kirby Air Ride
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Basic throbberxTLh2CiV2w8 25040px001iframe
Strong Star Warrior - (KRBAY) - origin of Checker Knights
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Alt track: Green Greens - (KDL / Spring Breeze - KSS)
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Green Greens orchestration, as scored in Air Ride - (KatAM)
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Checker Knights is one of the most difficult Air Ride courses in Kirby Air Ride. Its setting is a surreal and abstract blend between the medieval and the futuristic with checkerboard patterns. The Checker Knights soundtrack actually originates from the anime, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, titled Strong Star Warrior. The classic Green Greens is the unlockable alternate track.



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