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Chao & Goku are a pair of characters appearing in the game Kirby's Dream Land 3. These two characters originated from the Japan-only game Yūyūki. They appear in Grass Land's fourth level. Goku needs to be reunited with Chao. In order to find Goku, in the third room after the Zebon shoots Kirby through the air, he should inhale the nearby Rocky to get the Stone ability. Kirby should break the bricks with the stone symbol. After that, he will need to fight the mid-boss Boboo. After it is defeated, a door will open and Kirby should get Goku. At the end of the level, Chao will give Kirby a Heart Star.

Chao had also appeared earlier in the Kirby series by herself; specifically, in the Japanese version of Kirby's Dream Land 2. She is one of the characters who can be freed from a bag guarded by a mid-boss if Kirby already has the corresponding Animal Friend who was trapped in it, but the chances to find her in the bag is very low. When she is freed, she gives Kirby an extra life and adds 1% to the game's completion, making it necessary to find her in order to achieve 100% completion. She also appears in the background of the picture in the game's Sound Test, which itself is a reference to Yūyūki's own Sound Test picture, and in the picture seen after clearing the Boss Endurance sub-game, as well as when collecting all stars in all Bonus Chance games. In the international versions of the game, she was replaced by a female version of Gooey.

Physical Appearance

Chao is a human girl who wears a red robe with yellow linings. She has black hair and has pigtails.

Goku is a male, brown monkey who wears black shoes.


  • Unlike most of the other characters in Kirby's Dream Land 3, Chao & Goku retain their 8-bit sprites from Yūyūki instead of blending in with the rest of the game's soft pastel art style; this trait is shared with Donbe & Hikari, who also originate from a Japanese-only Famicom game.