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Channel DDD was another unsuccessful scheme thought up by King Dedede. Although it at first seemed to be just like normal television channel, it soon became clear what its real purpose was. Dedede and Escargoon presented an elaborate ruse that made everybody in Cappy Town believe that a monster was attacking Dreamland, when it was really just Escargoon in a costume. The citizens of Cappy Town were literally hypnotized, and caused all of the residents to attack Kirby, constantly uttering the phrase "Kirby must go away!". Even Kirby was hypnotized for a few moments.

In many more episodes after its debut, Channel DDD was used for some other purposes, such as news articles. However, these always seem to make Dedede look like a great guy or making Kirby and/or Escargoon look bad except in one episode where Dedede was hit by a pie, which made him look funny. Some shows Dedede makes are quite important to the episode. Good examples are "Pie Justice", "What's my Fortune?", "Dedede Undercover", "Millions for a Meal", and "Dedede: Coming at Ya!"


  • King Dedede finds all of the comedy shows to be very funny, even though they were thought up by himself. The majority of these comedies all seem to be spoofs of superheroes or celebrities. All others involve Escargoon being called stupid and/or being attacked by Dedede.
  • Meta Knight is possibly in the logo