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Channel DDD

Channel DDD Logo

This is the world premiere of Dream Land television: Channel D...D...D!
— Escargoon

Channel DDD (Japanese: チャンネルDDD/Channel DDD) is a TV channel run by King Dedede in multiple episodes of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, primarily used in various smear campaigns and ploys against Kirby. It first appears in Un-Reality TV.

Initially, King Dedede and Escargoon used it as an elaborate ruse to make the citizens of Cappy Town believe that a monster was attacking Dream Land, when in reality it was just Escargoon in a costume. The citizens of Cappy Town were literally hypnotized; attacking Kirby while constantly uttering the phrase "Kirby must go away!" all under the impression that Kirby was the cause of the constant attacks by monsters since the beginning of the show. This plan is eventually foiled by Kirby, but the channel continued to run long after the incident.

The channel is a satirical take on real-life TV Channels, with incredible amounts of advertisements and many Dedede-centric parodies of real TV shows and movies. The shows airing on Channel DDD are sometimes integral to the plot of episodes, and frequently teach the dangers of false information spread through politically motivated news networks and perpetuated through the tactical censorship of political enemies; usually Tiff - who is often the voice of reason in such situations because of her belief that TV is "stupid" and her skepticism of it.


This is a list of plot important shows that Channel DDD airs throughout Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.

Un-Reality TV

  • Kirby and the King
  • DDD News

The Pillow Case

  • Dreams

A Recipe for Disaster

Watermelon Felon

  • Dedede Undercover (Dedede Wide in Japanese)

A Dental Dilemma

  • DDD Special Toothpaste commercial

Cartoon Buffoon

  • Dedede Coming at Ya!

A Half-Baked Battle

  • Dedede's One Minute Cooking
  • Pie Justice

The Meal Moocher

  • Millions for a Meal

The Kirby Quiz

  • The Kirby Quiz Challenge

Mabel Turns the Tables

  • What's my Fortune?

A Trashy Tale

  • Cappy Town Undercover

Other shows

This is a list of shows that are mentioned throughout the show, but aren't generally plot-important or shown.


  • It is established that there are hidden cameras inside the TV sets that allow Dedede to see the viewers at home, but this is seemingly never brought up after the channel's debut episode or actually used in any episodes.
  • Tiff, despite despising TV, can very infrequently be seen enjoying Channel DDD.
  • Apart from Dedede himself, the resident of Dream Land that watches Channel DDD the most is Kirby.
  • In the core series, there is a similarly named network/group called Channel PPP.
    • Both are presumably the only news stations in Dream Land.