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The articles relating to Super Smash Bros should relate to Kirby in some way and not be an advertisement for the Smash Bros series. To ensure that they are related to Kirby, delete gameplay elements or scenarios not relevant to the Kirby series. Wikiar 01:03, 4 November 2008 (UTC)

I actually agree. While its okay to have some smash articles (the three games and the series) the others are kind of out of place. Solar flute

Honesty, we should merge them if anything. A page of all the SSB characters, a brief description of them, and their moves sounds very orderly and far better than what we have now. -EmptyStar
and now that we have a cameos page, we don't need a page for each cameo either. Solar flute
One thing at a time. Now, should we merge the ssb articles? Delete them? Keep them? What? I vote merge. -EmptyStar

Links to Pages

I mad this page so people could put links to their pages. That way we can see peoples pages. You can also make a link to something you want people to see. Please think about it. I think we need to delete certan ssb pages and merge acceptible ones. --King Doo 23:05, 9 February 2009 (UTC)

Oh and should we try to not get somemany things that aren't Kirby? like images and videos?

I put it up for deletion because there is Special:Allpages. The MarioGalaxy2433g5 {talk/contribs/Logs} 23:07, 9 February 2009 (UTC)


I'm tired of you deleting this. I mean seriously, if we have Kirby's species why not this? EmptyStar 20:00, 30 July 2009 (UTC)

I vote keep I'm ~CrystalCrystal lucario thingLucario~ And I approve this message.
So do I. But we need to convince Kirbyfan. EmptyStar 21:01, 30 July 2009 (UTC)
Or we can NOT ban him. *Wink* I'm ~CrystalCrystal lucario thingLucario~ And I approve this message.

Why is this a candidtae again? o_o EmptyStar 22:24, October 16, 2009 (UTC)

Cuz KirbyFan was a jackass I'm ~CrystalCrystal lucario thingLucario~ And I approve this message.

List of Kirby Air Ride abilities

I made this so that I could round up all the powers in one page. I also give a brief explination on the powers, which the other pages didn't have. Reversinator

Patch has the powers listed and I had revamped the Top Ride abilities last week.--Game JetGameFreak WOOOOSH!

Whoops, went by it too fast. All right, you can delete my page. Reversinator

Done I'm ~CrystalCrystal lucario thingLucario~ And I approve this message.


This is ironic because I'm the one who put it up as a candidate for deletion, but Metroids are enemies, no? That means that the page needs to stay. Reversinator

yup.--Game JetGameFreak WOOOOSH!

Samus Aran

The Mario Wiki has articles for Smash Bros and its characters. We should also. I recently expanded the article and added some others about smash characters. Smash Bros was made by the same creators as Kirby and the Kirby characters have very big roles. It's only fair that we include articles for every character that shares a game with Kirby. This wiki is fairly new but I hope for it to grow to the size of Smash wiki (Maybe not that big, but you get the idea). 18:33, November 14, 2009 (UTC)

No. Samus is unrelated to Kirby. She's made a cameo appearance, but that belongs in the cameo page. And the SSB series is not a Kirby game, so every single aspect of those games will never be created into an article. Reversinator
The mario wiki has articles about smash. If we can't be as big, we should at least be as thorough. And Samus is not a "little aspect" of Smash Bros, she's a major character. So is mario. Plus, both of them have made many cameos. And let's face it: this wiki is not complete. Many episode articles of the anime remain stubs. Considering everything "not kirby-related" will narrow this wiki to become small compared to others. 23:25, November 14, 2009 (UTC)

All right, you win. But how about making an account if you're gonna be adding all those articles? Reversinator

So much for Main Cannon #2

and there goes my first major contribution to this it took me 16 minutes to get everything to sound right and like an official statement,*sigh* oh well, delete it if you must.

goodbye main cannon # 2 you will be least by me. *sniffle*


This article should not be deleted for the very same arguement of Samus Aran. Both were in Kirby's Dreamland 3. Both were involved with their respective levels. Both have been in the same game(s) as Kirby. Both add more to the wikia. There is no real reason to delete such an article if it would contribute information to those who are wondering "Who's that?!" in a Kirby game. Henceforth, no reason for deletion. This isn't just a Smash Bros. character. This is an item--objective--character--in Kirby's Dreamland 3, meaning that deleting it would be removing information from this wiki.

To add, I've seen how many times this has been deleted, and for it to have been MADE that many times, that has to be important enough to others to have to put it up there. Save yourselves the trouble of deleting it so another conflict like this won't be brung up in the future. Ninty Puff 03:08, February 21, 2010 (UTC)Ninty Puff

Don't worry, it ain't gonna get deleted.--Game JetGameFreak WOOOOSH!

List of Treasures

Should this article be deleted? It might be necessary.--VitalitysigStarry-Eyed WonderVitalitysigtalk

Bump.--VitalitysigStarry-Eyed WonderVitalitysigtalk
Uh, hello? Does anyone think the article should be deleted or stay?--VitalitysigStarry-Eyed WonderVitalitysigtalk
It should stay, it affects gameplay. If someone could, can you guys upload the images from the SuperStarand SSU Great Cave Offensive. I was thinking of doing a nice little table such as the image, name, and worth. --Game JetGameFreak WOOOOSH!
Turns out, your "nice little table" needs 120 images. All of them are the GCO treasures.--VitalitysigStarry-Eyed WonderVitalitysigtalk
O_o If you can upload, your edit count will sky-rocket! Tomorrow, if you uploaded them, I'll start the table, because it looks pretty shabby at the moment. --Game JetGameFreak WOOOOSH!
I'm already doing Part 1 of "the hugest edit ever". Yeah, this may have to be split into several parts. And I wouldn't be suprised, considering the amount of pictures needed.--VitalitysigStarry-Eyed WonderVitalitysigtalk
Thanks, I'll start tomorrow. Currently, I'm testing the formats of the tables to place it in. --Game JetGameFreak WOOOOSH!

This SHOULD be on the Cameos page.

Hi can you add this page to the deletion list? This article is a useless bum. It just contain opinion. NOT personal information. You see it should be blogged instead. So I further explained on the article's talk page to put it in his/her blog. WinXkaila 15:23, August 8, 2010 (UTC)

Planting Seeds

I am just planting a seed for someone to water and make into a better article.

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